Troy & Abed in The Morning Tease Community Season 4, Ask: What is October 19th?

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NBC, you are nearly forgiven.

Following that network announcing that the Community Season 4 premiere would be delayed from its original air date of October 19 (i.e. TODAY!), the show has convened a special edition of Troy & Abed in The Morning.

In this segment, the hosts explain that October 19 isn't really a date. It's a feeling. And you can experience it whenever the heck Community actually returns with new episodes. Confused? Don't be.

Troy, Abed and the Greendale gang explain here:

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When you save a kitten stuck in a tree... that's October 19th!


Annies Boobs a reference to animal practice
"Annies boobs wanted her own show and I said yes"


I love the reference to "annie's boobs" it took me a second to remember that was the monkey's name. I miss community.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! how dare they Chang it
while i love that clip thinking off having 20more min breaks me =(
like shirly would say ''that's not nice'' to nbc!


October 19th will never be the same again.


Community Quotes

Annie: The midterm dance will need a visual theme. Like, 'Let's blow off steam,' and it's trains!
Chang: I have an idea!
Annie: Chang, your last idea was to murder.

I need Purell for my brain.