TV Ratings Report: Up for a Debate

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Game 7 of the National League Championship Series and Debate 3 between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney dominated last night's primetime lineup;

But The CW offered up a pair of new episodes, which highlight our daily ratings rundown below...

Debate pic

8 p.m.
The Voice: 12 million viewers
Dancing with the Stars: 13.2 million
MLB Playoffs: 7.9 million
The Big Bang Theory rerun: 7.7 million/2 Broke Girls rerun: 6.9 million
90210: 900,000

9 p.m.
Gossip Girl: 900,000

NOTE: About 30 million people across all three major networks tuned in to see Obama talk about bayonets and Romney express his love for teachers.

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@Jarrod Mitchell - @whateva Thank you guys for helping me understand the numbers and everything. I will keep my fingers crossed and root for at least a new final/short season of 9O21O with an early notice. We deserve that after being loyal for 5 years! :-)


as Jarrod stated those are acceptable numbers for vet shows. ALso majority of network know most people view GG on itunes and sell more dvd boxset than any show on the network (strange). However as Jarrod GG did go on the rise this week and got a good demo. IMO Monday like Friday is a tough spot to be a for a show.


How does GG have that low of viewers with no competition in its time slot?!... I Understand 90210 going up against The Voice!


Question: Why are 90210 and Gossip Girl labeled as 900,000 in viewers, when 90210 was seen by 950,000 viewers, while Gossip Girl was seen by 904,000 viewers? BTW - they both scored a 0.4 in the demo.


@Ivan: The ratings went up last week and (for some odd reason) went back down. So far the ratings have been inconsistent. GG managed to rise up this week, BEATING the premiere and the 2nd episode.
Renewal chances of 90210 are still 50/50 depending on The CWs new freshman show like BATB, OW.MD, Cult and TCD. Chances are that TCD and OW.MD will fail, while BATB and Cult will be 50/50 also. Arrow has secured a full season and chances are that it'll last for years to come. Then again, you can NEVER know as it's way too early. But those are my guesses.
Besides, GG is up in 7 more episodes and if/when The CW cancels 2-3 other shows, then I'm sure 90210 will at least been renewed for a short season like OTH and GG.


. @Jarrod Mitchell - do you really think that?
Those numbers look horrible. I don't think The CW would consider those numbers "acceptable". 9O21O os diving each week. I am so sorry for this. I watch the show here in Brazil and although it does not feel like something fresh on TV, I got hooked right on the first season :( I have a bad feeling about it this time. That sucks!


I have a feeling that 90210 and GG will rise once DWTS and The Voice are finished. Though their ratings aren’t perfect, they’re acceptable for veteran shows and CW standard. I think that once The Carrie Dairies replaces GG that 90210 will rise.