ABC to Cancel Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

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ABC has announced the cancellation of two new programs, though there's a twist:

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will complete their initial 13-episode order before going off the air.

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Though Last Resort has received critical acclaim, it struggled to hit six million viewers on a weekly basis, garnering only 5.8 during a critical airing this past Thursday.

The scary writing has been on the wall longer for 666 Park Avenue. It often fell below five million total viewers and, though placed in an alluring timeslot following Once Upon a Time and Revenge, failed to attract a regular audience.

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Whoever it is that does the programming for ABC is or are imbocies..they don't seem to care about the people who watch these shows..Watching network tv is a total waste of time...
Pissed off...


I liked both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. They are great shows and I was a loyal, regular follower. I hope ABC can see its way back to returning them to their lineup. Thanks!


Sorry about the mispelled word at the end - was getting a little worked up and forgot to check the spelling!


It's a shame that the networks chose to keep lame "comedy" shows on the air that require "laugh" tracks because they are so stupid. Have they forgotten that adults still stay home and enjoy television? I cannot count the number of ridiculous sitcoms that allowed to stay on. 666 Park Avenue should have been aired on a cable station, such as FX, like American Horror Story. It would have survived there - hopefully they will pick it up and want to continue the series. Comedy is probably the hardest area for actors and to also keep audiences engaged and most the ones on today are totally ridiculous and about as funny as a broken bone! Thank goodness for "Modern Family" or I would never have anything to laugh about on television. What's wrong with suggesting the presence of demonic activity? Have they forgotten how successful movies such as "The Omen", "The Exorcist" and "The Devil's Advocate were? "American Horrow Story" is incredibly entertaining - and, who doesn't like to be scared? Grow up, network execs - who are you listening to?


ove these shows


Who runs the networks anyway?! Obviously people that aren't in touch with the person sitting on the couch actually watching Television regularly!
A) They blew it by making the very first episode stupid! This is a good show but if you only gave it one shot by watching the pilot you haven't had an opportunity to see all the good scenes!!
B) Whoever named it limited the audience especially if you only watched the pilot! 666 Seriously ABC! Rename it, I personally like the time slot after one of my fav shows Revenge! But please give it another chance, it's starting to get pretty damn good!
I thought it was suppose to be written by the same people who did Lost. Even though they eventually became lost themselves, their first season ROCKED IT! This could too but like some cable shows it just needs time to find its audience!


Please don't cancel 666 it's a great show.


I agree with knoby. And, to me, there are a few shows on ABC that need to be in y-e-s-t-e-r-d-a-y.


All i have to say is that is "crazy" cancelling either show. Put it in another time slot or another day. Believe me there are other programs on ABC that aren't worth watching!!!!!!!!


Noooo.....666 Park Ave is a great show!!!! ABC is making a big mistake!!!

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