ABC to Cancel Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

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ABC has announced the cancellation of two new programs, though there's a twist:

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will complete their initial 13-episode order before going off the air.

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Though Last Resort has received critical acclaim, it struggled to hit six million viewers on a weekly basis, garnering only 5.8 during a critical airing this past Thursday.

The scary writing has been on the wall longer for 666 Park Avenue. It often fell below five million total viewers and, though placed in an alluring timeslot following Once Upon a Time and Revenge, failed to attract a regular audience.

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It really freaking sucks that they are going to cancel 666 Parks Avenue.


Oh NOOOO! 666 Parks Avenue is a great show! It has potential! So sad! Why... :'/. I hope we will have a real end...


For the show The Last Resort-
There are so many possibilities for the storyline. you have those who served in the armed forces who can tell you stories and your writers can build the show around it but leaving out pertinent secrets of the military missions.
you guys are really DUMB. AND for Mr. J. J. Abrams and Mr. Kripke they can show you a thing or two about writing storylines, since their show Revolution for which I wish I could talk to them and ask them one simple question how did they hear my synopsis of what would happen when all lights go out around the world.


one other bit of info. why is it when you finally want to tell why the Drake became infested with supernatural happenings especially when you begin the story of the grandmother and why she is the one who can tell the entire story.
And when that man in the newspaper article who killed his wife.
what is wrong with you people or is it that you have forgotten your English Literature storytelling lessons whether fiction/non-fiction?


What is wrong with you guys? the shows are good! those of us who go to college classes at night. There are many of us who enjoy your programs. You just need better writers. I for one can do better!!!! We are only able to see your shows when we're not studying. D-uh-uh-uh!! Change your writers!


Finally they cancel some shitty shows to make room for better!


Did anyone ever stop to think that the viewers were unable to view the two shows during the massive power failures on the East Coast the beginning of November, duh


Ii am soo livid about Last Resort. Are you kidding me ABC??? That show si so well written and well acted and it actually has an original plot which is rare these days. So gutted.


I wonder what a second season of Last Resort could be? It is such a well written show, I am sure they could come up with so many new arcs that could pull in a lot more fans.


Mess it up for the regular viewer of 666 Park Avenue. I really really enjoyed that show.

Last Resort Quotes

We aren't actually at war. Just make him realize how incredibly dead he'd be if we were.


Gentleman we have just surfaced in the middle of a highway. Let m know if things get busy.

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