ABC to Cancel Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

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ABC has announced the cancellation of two new programs, though there's a twist:

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will complete their initial 13-episode order before going off the air.

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Though Last Resort has received critical acclaim, it struggled to hit six million viewers on a weekly basis, garnering only 5.8 during a critical airing this past Thursday.

The scary writing has been on the wall longer for 666 Park Avenue. It often fell below five million total viewers and, though placed in an alluring timeslot following Once Upon a Time and Revenge, failed to attract a regular audience.

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Guess it wasn't just 666's Jane Van Veen that was on a downward spiral.


666 was a cool show but once I hear it's not doing well I can't fall in love because then it gets cancelled and I don't want to get attached


666 Park Avenue had a HORRIBLE time slot for the genre. Who wants to watch a horror/Supernatural show on a SUNDAY right before bed? Nashville should have been in that slot and 666 on Wednesday or Friday instead of 20/20. GRIMM does really well on Friday nights in part because it's a great night for the spooky/scary stuff.


666 had itself made in that time slot, so it's so much a shocker that it failed. Probably best off as a miniseries anyway from what I've seen.

Sarah silva

666 Park Ave WAS wonderful...I'm mad. ABC has to find a show on Sunday to last.


Bummer about Last Resort. That show was intriguin and very well written. And I am more than glad that 666 Park Ave got cancelled.. It was a waste of time, the only good thing about that show was Vanessa Williams. Period.

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