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Hannah sex AGAIN , with no frontal nudity on Showtime ....Inexcusable and Unacceptable !!!! Don't do it again , otherwise , kill her , and let's focus on "Titus Pullo" ....


@ Fatin Deb has always been whiny and tiresome, in my opinion. It is nothing new.


Oh so season five wasn't completely useless because Lumen actually gets a shout out. *rolls eyes*
I was so annoyed at Dex's elemental chemistry lessons this week.
I was however laughing during the first few minutes of the episode. Hannah's just so chill about getting almost-murdered. I think I'm starting to like Quinn and I love Isaak as much as always. Best.Dexter.villian.ever.
Deb's makeup and hair are awful and she's so whiny now. I guess she always was, but I used to like her.
And what about Laguerta actually considering Dex a suspect? I'm surprised it occurred to nobody how suspicious Doakes found Dexter yet. (By nobody I mean Laguerta)


what a great episode. i love the new storylines and connecting archs.
just wondering though - what did laguerta find out when she was trawling those papers in her house at the end with the boat reg's and matching it with dexters name?


I was nervous when Dexter and Hannah started going at it to end last week's episode, but this episode took it in a great direction. This season is amazing. I am sad that Santiago Cabrera was killed off so soon, but it provided the perfect motivation for Deb's surprising end-of-the-episode request.


What a great review!

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