Dexter Review: Coming Home

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It took multiple seasons for Dexter to truly humanize its unorthodox title character.

And only one bar conversation for it to do the same for Isaak Circo.

For the most part, "Argentina" was a relatively slow episode. Astor, Cody and Harrison stopped by; Jamie once again proved she's the greatest nanny of all-time; Batista bought his restaurant. There wasn't a lot of movement on the Hannah McKay front and Deb opened up about her feelings for her brother, easily the most ridiculous and misguided storyline in show history.

Dex and Hannah

But the hour was saved by the final 10 minutes.

I loved every second of Dexter's conversation with Isaak. It depicted that mob member's vulnerable side, while continuing the Dexter Season 7 theme of outsiders finding comfort in one another. As I've written about for weeks, Dexter is no longer fighting who he is; he's fighting for who he is, and he's now realizing that there are others like him out there.

Granted, one wants him dead.

But the other just wants him, for every side there is: blood spatter analyst, serial killer, father. There are no secrets between Dexter and Hannah, no pretending of any kind. Their relationship is believable and actually very sweet.

The concluding montage, meanwhile, was terrific, as we watched multiple characters stare down their personal demons and questions. Quinn is stuck as a dirty cop, La Guerta may be on to Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher (slowing setting up what I imagine will the final season storyline/showdown) and Deb feels more betrayed and alone than ever. This year has been more of a well done character study all around than any previous run of Dexter episodes.

And then there's Dexter himself, somehow the one individual at the moment who feels closer to found than lost. It's a new, welcome position for both him and the series in general.

Is it possible Dexter has truly found his Argentina in Hannah? That they'll live happily ever after together? No, of course not. But I'm intrigued to see how it will all fall apart and where Dexter - and Dexter - will go from there.


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Wow and you just did the exact same thing. You must be very clever right?


This was a definite A. I've had some minor problems with this season which was overall worth a solid B until now. This was great Dexter. This was great television.


Wow I dont get how well done character episodes are given perfect scores on BB and GOT (which they completely deserve) but when Dexter does it it gets a low score. This was in fact the best episode of the season because of its amazing character development. And as stupid as the incest plot (which isnt really one because they arent bilogical siblings but still weird) it justified like Harry said why she hadnt turned him in and given him so many chances. True we could have thought straight up because they are siblings but being siblings doesnt necessarily mean you wouldnt turn in your serial killer brother so that plot helps justify it more. This has definitely becoming my favourite season which currently is still season 1 (I know that for most its season 4 which is my 2nd because season 1 was just perfect) and that is impressive of writers to be able to make their 7th season be this great especially after a couple lackluster seasons.


I know I've said this before however after this episode I can't help saying it again: Ray Stevenson's portrayal of Isaac Sirko is sublime...thank you Ray for gracing us all with your presence!!


I loved Dex and Deb's scene together. It was intense and emotional and Jennifer rocked the part. I know that for some people this turn of events feels uncomfortable and i imagine it's not less uncomfortable for the people involved, but it happens. Anyway...Dexter and Deb have gone through a lot. She's even standig by his side now that she knows the truth and she has to go against her own moral codes. Their bond is unshakable (even if it leads to sth romantic or not). I do not believe the same for Hannah. I think that even with Dexter she's pretending.
Anyway...i like the season 7 episodes a lot. The only sl i don't enjoy is Quinn's. I really hope he has a masterplan, because otherwise i'll have to believe that he's a complete idiot.


Jarrod Mitchell*
Have you ever heard of the words spoiler alert? Just because you feel compelled to look up photos from future episodes, it doesn't mean that you have to share the content with the rest of us without so much as a warning.


I wanted to mute my TV when Deb was opening up to Dexter. I get the reason of adding it to the plot this season, but it is still disgusting blood-related or not.
I'm inclined to agree about Hannah and Dexter. They're a match made in heaven. I loved him with Rita and didn't mind him with Lumen, but there is just something between these two that's very moving. Sadly, I feel as though Issac will kill Hannah as his revenge towards doctor.
As for LaGuerta, I hope she is the one cop who ends up on Dexter's table by season end. I loved LaGuerta in the past, but since season 6, I've wanted nothing more than for her to be axed.


> Deb opened up about her feelings for her brother, easily the most
> ridiculous and misguided storyline in show history. They aren't fully biologically related as I understand, so it doesn't seem ridiculous at all to me. Sure, it's controversial, but it happens in real life... just more quietly due to moral implications and society's perception. Hmm... there may have been some flame war over this I missed, heh. I'm interested to see where the writers take this one. I thought it was a good slower paced episode and par for the course this season - don't understand the lower rating but everyone is entitled to their opinion and the review was decent :).

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