Glee Exclusive: Becca Tobin on Grease, Staying Mean and More!

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Glee Season 4 kicked off with many changes, including moving part of the cast to NYC and also adding several new faces. Foremost among then? Becca Tobin as resident mean girl Kitty.

In our last original episode, "The Break Up," Kitty got dumped by Jake Puckerman, vowing revenge on him as well as Marley. Will we see Kitty strike in this week’s "The Role You Were Born To Play?” We asked that question, among many others, to the actress in this exclusive TV Fanatic interview...


I love a bad girl, just so you know.
Well, I love playing the bad girl.

So Jake dumped Kitty and she had a nice warning for he and Marley. Is she going to live up to that warning?
Yeah. I think the episode coming up is going to be Kitty’s slow burn and if she was mean before she gets mean and manipulative because she does not like hearing ‘no.’ So now, she’s not only out to get Jake because he dumped her, but she’s definitely out to get Marley.

In this week’s episode everybody’s auditioning for Grease and Kitty really wants to be Sandy, right? 
Yeah. There’s a battle for Sandy in the school play and it’s really just a fun episode because it’s the first time Kitty is introduced as a character that sings and dances. So there’s this duet with Jacob [Artist], who plays Jake, and Kitty. It’s a really fun song and I guess you’ll see the competition. I think Kitty thrives in a competitive environment so we’ll get to see the claws come out even further.

Becca Tobin as Kitty

Can you tell me the songs you’re singing?
I can. It’s called "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees and that’s the duet that we sing. That’ll be fun and you’ll see every single character has some sort of audition or number so that’s fun. We also meet Ryder, Blake Jenner, who is joining from The Glee Project.

Are you personally a fan of Grease?
I am the biggest fan and I think that along with Annie, Grease was the movie musical that really made me realize that this is what I wanted to do for a living. It was my dream so it’s really crazy to be recording these Grease songs and dancing to these songs, and yeah, it’s amazing. I feel really fortunate to be involved in this season where we’re doing such an epic show.

Kitty wants to be Sandy but is Sandy your favorite character in Grease?
I am in love with Olivia Newton-John and I think everybody is, but as far as the characters in Grease I’ve always been a bigger fan of the Rizzo-type. It wasn’t until I was older that I appreciated Rizzo. I definitely like her attitude. I’m a little biased because now I’m the new mean girl.

I keep hearing we’ll see Kitty is more than just a mean girl. Is that coming?
It’s coming. It’s in the future. But she is going to stay a little mean for awhile, the layers are going to come off eventually, which is nice.

Is she going to move on from Jake or is she maybe going to set her sights on somebody else?
As of right now, I’m not sure. I’m hoping that maybe she moves on to someone else or gets her claws into another one of the boys.

If you were able to go into the writers’ room and write who she’d hook up with next, who would you pick?
Maybe an older boy, like I feel like she’d be into Harry [Shum Jr, who plays Mike Chang]. It’s very cool to date older boys, so I think that would be up Kitty’s alley.

She could go for Puck because there’s that family history there with he and Jake, right?
Maybe you should be writing, seriously! Yeah, that would be a pretty good way for her to get her revenge and also look cool doing it.

Do we get to meet any of her family or find any other alliances that she has at the school?
I think that something that was really fun for me was shooting episode 6, the Grease episode, we get a glimpse of Kitty’s bedroom. She has a sleepover and for me that was really exciting to sort of get a glimpse of what her home life is like and, yeah, that’s as far as we get with her family thus far, but I’m just excited for Kitty to be singing and dancing finally.

Have you gotten used to the routine of just the craziness of shooting, between your dialogue and then the choreography and the singing?
I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it, desensitized to how exciting it all is and how much I enjoy what I do, but as far as the work I’m finally in a groove where I am not freaking out that I’m learning a dance and shooting it eight hours later. It’s starting to feel comfortable, which is really nice.

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