Gossip Girl Caption Contest 233

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Welcome to the 233rd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yes, 233 ... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. Let's do it!

Your Caption Contest winner, using a pic from "Monstrous Ball," is nisaliciouz.

Congratulations and well done. The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Ribbonnie, PiperHG and ricardo123. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next time!

Sage and Georgina

Sage: So when is Dan's 'Sage Spence chapter' going to be released?
Georgina: Bitch, please.

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Georgina: Please tell me you have a good reason to wear your silk pajamas to cotillion.


Georgina: Please tell me you have a valid reason to wear a bag to cotillion.
Sage: I'm wearing it to hide the provocative dress Blair made for me.
Georgina: You mean the one that reveals like two inches of skin by your waist? Jeez, if that's provocative fashion I have no idea what the hell my closet consists of.


Sage: My boyfriend broke up with me, I ruined my dad's chance of happiness and I'm wearing my silk pajamas to cotillion? This must be a nightmare.


Sage: I think Nate and I just broke up!
Georgina: It was about time! After 6 years I'm still the only one on this show who hasn't hit that. Better get to it!


Georgina: what the hell you are wearing? This show is supposed to be about beautiful and fashionable people.


Georgina: Hey, if you're gonna steal my phone, at least make it realistic.


sage: im going to take down serena and blair georgeina: bitch please so did jenny, vanessa and juliet and were are they now ? oh and all these are nates exes aswell so you better book your ticket out of town


G: give in to hate. That leads to the Dark Side. Sage: Strong is Hate. Mind what you have learned. Steal it you it can.


Georgina: Vanessa? Is that you? It's been ages since I last saw you...
Sage: No, no, I'm Nate's girlfriend-
Georgina: Oh look at that, the two of you got back together?
Sage: No, I... you know what, I don't have time for this, I've got to get back to taking down Serena!
Georgina: You do that! Good old Vanessa...


Sage: I'm sorry, could you just hold that phone in your left hand so loosely that if, say, someone bumped into you "accidentally" would be able to take it from you without you noticing for the next hour? Thanks!!