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Yesterday, we debated the Gossip Girl question to end all Gossip Girl questions: WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?

After six seasons, the series finale Monday, December 17 will finally answer that long-burning riddle.

One week earlier, in "The Revengers," three words will reportedly flash on the screen at the end of the CW show's penultimate episode. What do you think those three words are, and who are they spoken/written by?

Share your theories on this latest Gossip Girl puzzler with us in the comments below ...

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Goodbye Gossip Girl


You've got a great start on the lemonade slmipy by capturing Blair on film. That's one of the true joys of telling people's stories on film as you do, or on radio and in print as I do. You help preserve a person's life and accomplishments.


its bart who dies. lily and rufus are both in the finale +flashforward too. and they are fine.


It must be "to be continued" or "one episode left".


Dorota is GG. She is the sleeper that has access to all the goings on.


the words will be xoxo gossip girl, maybe at the end of dan's last chapter, as he is so very gossip girl
chuck obviously doesn't die cause he marries blair in the following episode
and i was quite surprised to see lily in those pics cause i was sure bart would wack her


Their pact is null and void since Chuck told Blair he'd take a shower if she took it with him and she obviously did since he was cleaned up at dinner. Chuck asking Blair if she'd go to war with him was so romantic it's almost as good as him asking her to marry him and her reply I thought you'd never ask was priceless. This season while uneven at best has featured some of the series best Chuck and Blair moments. Those moments for me were enough to redeem the lackluster filler episodes that featured them. The only real complaint I have about this season is Sage and it's not so much the character but the actress playing her if sh can even be called an actress I've read reviews calling her Pinocchio which is spot on lol.


It's the penultimate episode which is the episode before the finale part of which takes place in present time, the past, and the future (the flash sideways E! Online wrote about) so it's going to be to be continued or something similar


The promo says that the plane went off the radar and that the coast guard is trying to locate the aircraft I think Chuck with turn FBI's help makes everyone Bart and Blair included think the plane crashed maybe Blair is in on it but her reaction in the promo seems genuine she looks devastated


We all know Chuck will live. They wouldn't do that to us. I think Lily could possibly be the "beloved character who's been there since season 1" that dies? Not sure about that though but please tell me if you find holes in that theory. Also I think the 3 words will be xoxo, Gossip Girl said by whoever GG is? I'm so sad that it's ending so soon omg i'm crying. I'm really not sure who GG is because with these writers, you never know. Also, with every possible GG, there is a loophole, a reason why they couldn't possibly be GG. We know GG has been posting about them since freshmen year so logically, it can't be any new characters that were introduced after season 1. I don't see how it can be Jenny tho because she was too young to have been posting about the UES's when they were 14...
I don't know tho- GG never fails to confuse...

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