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Yesterday, we debated the Gossip Girl question to end all Gossip Girl questions: WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?

After six seasons, the series finale Monday, December 17 will finally answer that long-burning riddle.

One week earlier, in "The Revengers," three words will reportedly flash on the screen at the end of the CW show's penultimate episode. What do you think those three words are, and who are they spoken/written by?

Share your theories on this latest Gossip Girl puzzler with us in the comments below ...

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I have come up with the following after reading a few different articles...I think after the Chair wedding, the three words on the screen will say "5 years later..." FF to the Dalena wedding with Henry Bass (Blair and Chuck's kid) as the ring bearer. I haven't put much though into who will be GG, but I'm not opposed to it being Dan...although Jenny being GG would make sense too.


I agree with everyone who thinks it's going to be "to be continued." It makes sense since the show runners have already said that 6x09 and 6x10 should be taken as a two part finale. Or, given the fact the GG show runners have kindly taken to counting down the episodes, it could be something equally lame such as "one more episode" or "the final chapter" or simply "it's over bitches."


@chuckCANNOTdie, I think you're right! Chuck enters the plane, the plane takes off, and later came the news that plane is crashed! The promo shows how Blair, Serena, Dan and Nate are sad and listen that plane fell down with Chuck in it! Therefore the only realistic that the three words are - CHUCK IS ALIVE! Like you said! Bravo!


Dan is GG!!! He is a writer and funny how GG Is MIA as he is wrtiing his book and blogs!!!


Seriously, those were the 3 words, biggest let down! How about, Chuck, I'm pregs-said by Blair or course
Blair, marry me, said by Chuck either of those two would have made me so happy, but like someone else said, are you ready to be in this war with me, I guess will have to suffice. I am going to say it is safe to assume the pact is over, thus, they would have some Pocahontas and John Smith stuff, thus making Henry. One can only hope.


I actcually like what they did with Dan. He's tried so hard and now he does have real power, like Nelly Yuki (I think that's her name) does. He was always an outsider. He was so in love with Blair and she left him for Chuck (and they're still not even together) and Serena went crazy and seduced him (though I still think it was out of character for Dan to go along with it). I'm curious to know what Dan's plan is. And he made a great point to Serena. She and her friends backstab each other all the time, but they forgive and call each other family. When Dan does something, it's a HUGE deal. Why should Nate be so mad? He was going to post Dan's stories in his paper. He's just mad because Dan burned him and went to the big time. I wouldn't be friends with any of them. The only character on this show that is 100% real with how much of a jerk they are is Chuck, but I still wouldn't be his friend! And as much as I love Rufus, I had to roll my eyes at him. Maybe he wouldn't have lost Lily to Bart if he wasn't such an idiot when it came to Ivy. Then he let money get in the way and then ended up having a Sugar Momma when it came to Ivy. They totally screwed up.


Xoxo Gossip Girl will be the three words and I hated all parts of Dan this episode Serena was right he was supposed to be different he isn't the bad guy it comes off desperate and pathetic. Believe it or not Brooklyn is pretty hip so Lonely Boy trying to rule the UES is so wack to me I barely went to the city when I lived in BK and I was born and raised just like him. I feel as if they are trying to shove some grandmaster plot of his down or throat so it justifies him being GG and that's super lame but I digress. I still think my idea of Vanessa being gossip girl would have been much cooler.




R.I.P Bart Bass are the 3 words


So Dan has been GG all along, Serena will take him back, Jenny & Eric are coming for no reason at all!!! oh & they will bring Juilet who will win back Nate's heart or maybe break him out of jail... And the golden couple reign supreme Blair & Chuck... Very pissed with the direction for season 6!!!

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