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Over the years, Grey’s Anatomy has featured several medical cases that have made you laugh, cry or look away because it’s too gory. And also some that you can’t even believe could be real. Some have been big (the bomb), others have been small. Many have made an impact.

The case on "I Was Made for Lovin' You” was one of those instances. Let’s discuss the handful of bombshells that got dropped on us...

A Week’s Better Than Nothing. Bailey/Cristina’s patient in need of a liver transplant and valve surgery was heartbreaking. Although he was not the center of the episode, he taught quite the lesson. Things happen for a reason. People are brought into your life because of specific actions. 

You figure out what you want and you enjoy it. Even if it’s only for a week. I was definitely with Weepy Dr. Ross at the news of the failed liver transplant. 

Shane on Grey's Anatomy

Back To Work! Arizona returned for her first day of work and it was a huge success. Girlfriend made it through a long surgery and did it with no problems. Until she fell. I kept waiting for something to happen to her. I did not expect it would be laughter. She hilariously replied, “I have no left foot!” Looks like Dr. Robbins is back!

Did I Change? Cristina has a heart! Her time spent with Dr. Thomas definitely changed her. She is still Yang to the core, just a little softer. She is interested in teaching and what people are feeling. Thomas made a huge impact on her and she hasn’t even realized it yet. One thing she did realize? She wants Owen back. 

Is this a good idea? No. As enjoyable as these two characters have been together in the past, they still want completely different things. Owen wants children, she doesn’t. She wants him back, he wants a divorce. Not to mention the lawsuit mess. What’s next for these two?

Results Are In. After realizing she is four days late, Kepner drops the news on Jackson that she thinks she is pregnant. How cute was Avery when he promised to be all in? He gave her everything she wanted: the possibility of marriage, children and a life together. Way to ruin it, April! After finding out she was not pregnant, she told Jackson they dodged a bullet.

These two look to be least for now. Too bad, they were just starting to get adorable. And seriously, who would pass up on getting to wake up to those eyes every morning? Not me!

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang Pic

Best Big Sister! For the biggest news of the night, Meredith and Derek are pregnant!! Dark and twisty no more. Mer is only three weeks along but is super excited. Shonda, I am warning you now: Don’t do anything to ruin it for these two. They can not handle another miscarriage or something devastating with this pregnancy. They deserve this. 

Kudos to Mer for growing up a bit. She shared the news with her husband over Cristina. Looks like Derek is officially becoming her person.

Side Notes

  • Bailey and Ben are having a Christmas wedding! Not only was she hilarious making fun of it, but we have something to look forward to before the holiday break!
  • How fun is it seeing Mer and Cristina back in the halls together?
  • Callie is working with Derek on a plan for his hand. Will they be able to come up with something that will actually work or is Derek done for good?
  • How cute is the friendship between Bailey and Webber?

Overall, an enjoyable episode. Not the best of the season, but entertaining for sure. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you like “I Was Made For Lovin’ You?” Hit up the comments and let us know.

Don’t forget to check out some great one-liners on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page, as well as the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week. Until next week, Grey’s fans!


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I loved this episode, it's ma favorite of the season so far !
It was so good to see Arizona's smile again and I loved that Meredith is pregnant !!! I'm super excited ! The patients stories finally get good and hearbreaking again, I was so sad about the liver patient. I loved the friendship between Alex and Arizona, and "I have no left foot" was one example of the many funny quotes and moments we got in this episode ! I hope everyone noticed how Alex looks at Jo Wilson ! Cristina has changed, but I still wonder if it's right to change her to want children, I hope they don't get too far. I feel so sad and sorry for Owen, really, he doesn't deserve that, and I hope they get back together soon.
April and Jackson, stupid and boring as usual. Can't wait fo the next episode, focusing on Derek's hand. Now that Arizonais back, it's time to get him back to the OR too! My full review is here, please comment, thanks !


@Lionelpixie ITA. I was really hoping for some scenes with Cristina and Alex now that they're living together. I just want way more Alex, period. Loved his bribing his kid patient. He's so great with them. It can't be said enough how stupid and annoying April is. Every second of her insipid rambling just grates. They need to send her back to the farm. I'd be excited about the Cristina/Owen divorce if it would last. They do not work. Nothing in common, no chemistry, and they just plain make each other miserable all the time. It's boring and pointless melodrama. They just need to move on and find more suitable partners.


LOved the episode! made me cry tears of joy!


I think Kepner and Alex will end up together. I just have a feeling that they are trying to draw it out and develop Kepner more so its more plausible. I'd really like to see Avery and Wilson bang. They are sooo hot.


initially, i didn't understand why April would stomp on her potential with jackson like that, but if you think about it, april is insecure.
she displayed her insecurity numerous times. i don't think april fully believed and trusted that jackson's gonna fulfill his offer. so her stupid blurt was her way of protecting her feelings. i am pleased to see cristina softer. i always felt that cristina was emotionally stunted. yes, she's hardcore, but she was hardcore from the beginning of season one. it's great to see cristina's emotion range expanding. whether or not her relationship with owen will sustain, by the end of grey's, i would like to see cristina much further advanced in her cardio field and in a relationship with a loving person.


i liked that dr.mcdreamy and dr grey will have a chance to have another child and dr yang is back. it is so sad that dr owen's marriage to dr yang will be used to manipulate the lawsuit of the victims agst the hospital. dr owen wanting a divorce was a big sacrifice to give her love of her life(dr yang) all the leverage to win their case. it's big of dr owen. sadly, they both(yang &owen) the chance of getting back together, knowing that they still want each other and a chance of making it work


owen was always going to be the scape goat, from the moment he didn't take the phone calls. good twist that he had signed off on the plane down grade and it will be interesting to see how the court plays out with the hospitals evidence against him. i think it would be better if he went to the others and told them what the hospital was up to, what does a piece of paper matter when its obvious he is being thrown to the wolves, he must know his jobs on the line anyway. loved the chair gag, was it the chairs or mouse squeeking lol. loved Arizona but suddenly they are back to PDA's? its like reading a book and finding pages ripped out.


OMG! I loved this episode!!!!!


Christina and Owen have to work it out: they belong together . He has to stop being so damned noble.


Although I really liked this episode, the end of the previous one (Cristina moving in with Alex) had me looking forward to some long overdue bonding scenes between Yang and Karev, the last semi-decent one being the time she 'almost killed him' and that was in the first episode of the last season. Yes I realize that there are bigger issues and all to deal with but still.

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