Grey's Anatomy Scoop: The Interns Speak Out!

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The new crop of interns are already leaving their mark on Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

In "Love Turns You Upside Down" (December 6), we'll be treated to an episode told largely from their perspective. A week later, in "Run, Baby, Run," three of them (Shane, Jo and Stephanie) attend Bailey's wedding.

These fresh faces are making their presence felt. The new fab five sat down with TV Guide and previewed these events, as well as what's to come for their respective characters. Here's what we can expect from ...

3 New Faces

Shane (Gaius Charles, left) is assigned to April and is lectured on bedside manner after he extracts a growth from a woman's private parts. "It's gross and humiliating, but some good comes out of it," Charles says.

Adds the former Friday Night Lights cast member and NCIS guest star from last May, "Shane and April form a friendship. We see the interns pairing up with the doctors [and] romantic stuff happens."

Heather (Tina Majorino, right), Alex's one-night stand, is put on Meredith's service and gets caught in the middle of a nuclear fight between Meredith and Derek, which sparks memories of her broken home.

"Meredith asks Heather to do some research on a procedure to help Derek's hand," says the 27-year-old Bones and Big Love vet. "It blows up, and Derek ends up screaming at Meredith and Heather."

Jo (Camilla Luddington, center) "cannot stand him," referring to you-know-who. "Alex gets under her skin as no one else has done and calls her 'Princess.'" Still, you can't deny there's a connection between them.

Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) is dubbed "Grumpy" by Cristina, then at Bailey's wedding can barely form a sentence in the presence of her secret crush ... whoever that is. Your guess is as good as ours!

Expect them to share an intimate encounter. Says Hinton, "It's definitely charged."

Leah (Tessa Ferrer) is pitted against Steph when both are assigned to Cristina and must monitor a set of babies. "It gets out of control and puts our jobs in jeopardy," Ferrer tells TV Guide.

We'll also see the extent of Leah's heartbreak from getting screwed over by Alex (yes, the man gets around that hospital like it's his job these days). "She's ­really pining after him," she admits.

Who's your favorite new intern so far? Who would you like to see more - and less - of in Season 9? Do you think they're being integrated well with the regular cast? Sound off in the comments below!

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I don't care about Jo, I wish she would go def don't see her with Alex. I like Shane a lot. The rest of them don't bother me.


Wow the interns get an episode. Hey they are alright but their no original interns or even Lexie. I like Tina/Heather. I loved her since V. Mars. My major issue with this is My Baby Girl Lexie could've even Buy a tribute episode to her this season and the interns are getting one. It's a shame and Not Fair to a Beloved Character Lexie who we loved so much. Shame on u Shonda. One last point interns invited to Bailey wedding Seriously! Everybody knows who seat intern Jo Shane and Heather are filling: Lexie,Mark and Teddy. It's terrible Lexie, Mark and Teddy have earned the right to be at Dr. Bailey's wedding. I think it just FOUL. BUY I'M HAPPY TO SEE BAILEY WEDDING. I LOVE DR. BAILEY SO MUCH! SHE IS ONE OF THE REASON I'M STILL WATCHING GREY'S EVEN AFTER LEXIE. THAT I HAD TO SAY IT IN ALL CAPS.


Yes, less Jo. And please writers don't put her with Alex. The only intern I'm liking is Shane. But they really need to focus less on the interns and more on regular cast members. And please give Alex a storyline (w/o the interns).


I wish they would pay less attention to the new interns and more attention to the story lines that are already there like callie and arizona. Except for the music event and wedding they don't seem to get much air time except for a minute herer and there. I hope this season is not going to be in with the new and out with the old.


I don't hate the interns. I just hate the idea that they getan episode dedicated to them when none of them are series regrulars, and that there are other storylines that have been ignored most of this season (i.e Arizona) If this cenric episode turns out like the Mer/Chris one we will get little to no screen time from Callie, owen, Arizona, Bailey, and Webber.Which at this point is ridiclous cause we just got an episode like that.


The hate towards the interns is all the more reason for me to cheer for them. Can't wait for the episode and I LOVE the idea of Jo and Alex! I'd ship them!!!


Intern I want to see less of = Jo.


On another note; Jo with Alex is actually vomit worthy. He deserves so much better than that horrible intern who I really hope drops out in her first year. I honestly hope that Camilla Luddington's series regular option on her contract doesn't get picked up. I'm happy with the cast at 11, so hopefully Jo pulls a Erica Hahn, walks out to the car park and never come back ever again. I'd be happy with that result.


What the hell? I couldn't be ANYMORE dissapointed. We've seen 5 seasons worth of what it's like to be an intern - from main cast members; Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie, George and Lexie, as well as the other interns (who JUST disappeared) when Lexie was an intern Why would we NEED to see an episode based on interns who are practically unlikable, especially Jo. Honestly, if I have to see an episode from Jo's perspective, I think I'll be muting my television seeing as she's just downright annoying and needs a shovel to the face. The only interns who are just bearable are Stephanie and Heather, nevertheless, the tone Heath gave Callie the other night in the OR was just rude coming from an intern.

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