Hart of Dixie Review: The Gift of a Candle

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Finally, after many episodes of build up, the Mayoral election was finally here in "I Walk the Line."

I will admit, honestly, that I figured Ruby was going to win the election mainly because I thought they were going try to turn her into a series regular and keep her on for as long as possible. I love Ruby and what her character has brought to the show - but now they have an easy way out if her relationship doesn't work with Lavon.

It's a shame, too. I'm very disappointed that Lavon won the race. Why? It's predictable. I was hoping for a good plot twist, I blame shows like Revenge that have me expecting epic, climatic moments. 

Ruby & Lavon Go Face Off

Another thing I found disappointing about tonight's episode was the ending of George's new romance. What was the point of her if they had plans to just dispose of her immediately after?!? George gave this big speech about how he wanted to meet someone who was going to challenge him and I truly thought it was going to be her.

Then there was the ironic twist that George's new love interest is Wade's ex-wife... while Wade sleeps with his end game love interest Zoe. This is something I can get behind and enjoy. How can Wade get mad that George is sleeping with his ex when Zoe could be considered George's ex? Now, how the writers brought us to this new pairing is what bothered me. 

Can Lemon catch a break? I think not. I am beyond thrilled that she has finally realized that she has feelings for Lavon and that Annabeth is now out of the picture. The end scene has me questioning if Lavon believes he made the right choice. He had that look in his eye that he wasn't sure of himself and I hope they build onto that.

A CANDLE LAVON!?? Seriously, you bought the woman a candle after everything she did for you?!? That's a big fault on the writers. If you're going to have the Lavon/Ruby/Lemon love triangle then give us something to keep it going. I'm disappointed. A candle to show his appreciation?!?

Lavon is a better character than that. I get the line "I never know what you want," but their are different ways to go about that. 

One thing that I absolutely adored about was the triangle of Zoe/Brick/Magnolia. First, there was Brick acting all upset because he wasn't having any contact with his girlfriend, which was causing Magnolia to stress out. Neither knew who to run to and I am so happy that it ended up being Zoe to step in. Nothing makes me more content on this show than seeing Brick and Zoe work well together. Please let this grow and develop into an actual partnership. 

Overall, this episode was OKAY. I say that kindly. I thought the idea of the chicken was ridiculous, the gift of the candle was overly disappointing, and George's short lived romance was pointless. This is probably my least favorite episode of the season thus far. I was hoping for more and for a non-predictable outcome.

To end this review on a positive note, I will tell you did enjoy two other things:

  1. The nervous banter from Lavon during the election debate.
  2. I adore Annabeth and her perfectly timed one liners and witty dialogue. You're doing that right, writers.

Now that I've talked about this episode, let me discuss the next one. In case you're new here and this is the first Dixie review you're reading from me then let me make sure that you're aware how excited I am to see McKayla Maroney on next week's installment. If you also don't know who she is, where have you been? McKayla is the gold and silver medal winning gymnast from the London Olympics. In my opinion she is also the fiercest of the Fierce Five and this could be open for debate. 

McKayla will play Tonya, a friend of Rose's who comes to her defense when Rose's crush has a crush on Zoe. I also adore Rose and her noticable absence from the show has been a frustrating thing for me and I am very pleased to be getting more of her.

Until next week. 


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I am actually in the midst of a Marathon & total Zade fan here but I don't think Zoe thinks there is much to Wade.. she always puts him down & insults his intelligence. I wished that he owned the Rammer Jammer but that didn't happen. I'm still optimistic that there's more to wade than zoe is aware of. I want her to look foolish when she breaks his hesrt in favor of george. I see it coming.


Oooo I could be totally wrong but there's an upcoming ep called "Blue Christmas" and as the song goes "I'll have a blue Christmas without you" maybe... Zoe is heading home to New York and Wade decides to fly to be with her. Alright they're not exactly conquering a whole lot but it sounds good to me. Again, I could also be TOTALLY wrong so I'll stop...


Yep good work... reading all the other comments and come to mine to see 'concur' - I of course meant 'conquer'. Please give us an edit post function TvFanatic. :)


Yeah, I don't know. It was an alright episode... nothing special. It was Zoe and Wade's few scenes that lifted it for me (although I did enjoy all the other characters and their moments too). The Lemon/Zoe/Wade shirt scene was just such a perfect early couple/not yet a proclaimed couple moment. Also Zoe's conversation with Wade in bed was interesting... she said something about couples who are meant to be can concur miles which I believe to be true so for me it was like alright - cue Zoe heading back to New York and Wade and her overcoming that hurdle to show how much they’ve fallen for each other. God knows… but it could be interesting. I've talked about the possible adorableness that can come from a disastrous first date for those two so I can't wait for this upcoming date episode. Hopefully it's well written and the writer/s take advantage of its possibilities. :)


Zoe/George endgame love interests? Are you KIDDING me? Wade and Zoe's relationship has so much more endgame feels than George and Zoe. George is a great, silly, "good guy" and all, but Wade and Zoe's chemistry is undeniable. And I think Wade said it to Zoe best earlier in the season...something about how the way her life is in her head doesn't match up with the way it's playing out in reality, and that's why she's so confused (totally paraphrased that, btw). I feel like Wade and Zoe are much better suited to each other - total opposites, but they challenge each other and have an amazing dynamic that Zoe and George never had.


So glad to see Lavon and Ruby together! Lemon thought she could just get what she wants (as always) and watching her giggle herself to death around Lavon was making me sick. I really would rather have Lavon end up with Ruby or Annabeth. Zoe & Wade are adorable together.

Drea xoxo

i think wade was annoyed because george gets everything handed to him and how everyone favours george over wade. (zoe) love wade and zoe!!! their non-official official relationship is wonderful!! glad the writers haven't ruined that. they suit each other more than george ever would. at the end of the day, he loved lemon 15 years and it was only because of the lavon revelation why their relationship ended. george and that woman was never going to work out, it was too easy again. i am interested to see how they are going to use tancy and george...... overall it is a 4/5 because lemon has finally admitted her feelings aloud and revealed to annabeth!! and ps glad ruby didn't win, he has to remain mayor hayes!!


I love Annabeth. I think she is kind of like Lemon USED to be when she was fun-loving. George with Tansy is interesting, although I was really disappointed with the red herring relationship with the liquor distributor. That just seemed pointless, as many other people have pointed out. I am annoyed at Ruby--she doesn't seem to have any depth at all. When Lemon was awful, at least it was for a reason. I think the chicken was just one more quirky Bluebell thing, so I loved it!


OMG.....that was the worst TV episode all year ....that wasn't even teeny bopper lame , that was pre teen nonsense.....Strike 2,......next one like that one , it's a kicked to the curb STRIKEOUT !!! I don't care about any of the characters anymore .



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