Leverage Review: Too Big To Con

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Our favorite team returned tonight, taking on the mega-store to try and save the mom-and-pop businesses in "The Low Low Price Job."

You had to love Brigid Brannagh as the tough as nails executive who only wants to climb the company ladder. She did a great job of holding her own against Nate and the squad for a couple of rounds, but in the end we knew that Nate would figure out a way to beat her, didn't we?

Of course, Nate just did what he does best: he let her beat herself, really. Given how clever and quick she was, I wondered if Nate was going to try and recruit her to Team Leverage. It certainly seems that if she could be shown how to use her powers for good instead of evil, she would be a powerful ally. 

The Big Box Caper

Even when he wasn't sure if they could beat the company, I really liked that Nate stepped up and took the job to beat at least one store because it was important to Eliot. I can count on one hand the number of cases Eliot has brought to the table, so it didn't take much to know it was going to be good. 

And we weren't disappointed, given how much information we learned about Eliot, when we finally got to meet Tabitha (Willa Ford), who was previously revealed by TNT back in June as a possible love interest for the member.

I adored how Eliot took Martin under his protection as a surrogate father and tried to help him and protect him as a way to make amends for the falling out he had with his own dad. I wish we could have gotten a little more at the end of the episode with Eliot going to find his own father, it just felt so incomplete. 

Of course, Eliot wouldn't be the Hitter we know and love if he didn't have at least one person to hit. For this job, that became Bryan, the manager who was a bully. I don’t know about you, but I was ready to feed Bryan to the soda machine if Eliot didn't. 

Ironically, I had a boss just like Bryan when I was in my late teens working at a super-chain store that promised the lowest prices. Does that environment just attract ass-hat bullies, or do you think they are everywhere and I've gotten better at avoiding them?

I’m really looking forward to next week to see if Tabitha is back and to see what effect she has on Eliot. I think it’s going to be an interesting winter season! I’m giving this episode 4.3 mega-size pretzel packs for a fun return episode. How about you?


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I agree with others here lamenting the drop off in quality. I'm tired of the set up for each episode with the poor victim somehow exactly knowing where to turn for the team to help. I suppose they justified the big box store as "eviiiillll" by suggesting they made campaign contributions to get a foothold in the town, but it really didn't seem to justify taking down the store. The villain was cartoonish (a recurring theme this season, the bad guys have been completely ridiculous). The moments with Eliot were somewhat redeeming, but I was really tempted to fast forward through this episode. I like the characters, and I'm a little sad it was canceled, but this season has been disappointing overall.


"shown how to use her powers for good instead of evil" Trying to effectively run a business is evil? I found this episode highly disturbing. The gang physically and mentally terrorizes a woman who was just trying to do her job? Even the low level manager wasn't deserving of assault by Elliot. The supposed crime was that the company contributed to the Mayor's re-election campaign, which is a laughable excuse to destroy the store's chances for success. Considering these stories now take place in solid blue Oregon, it is also highly unbelievable. Clearly the writers/actors were trying to evoke sympathy for Wal-mart employees. They did not help their cause as the executive treated all of the employees very well. I found myself rooting for the executive to win as the gang's actions seemed petty. Even the "owner of the company" who showed up at the end seemed like a nice guy. A more suitable ending would have been to have the gang realize what they were doing was morally wrong and backed off. They are playing God with horrifying results. Throwing in the line in the end that everyone found another job was a weak attempt to cover up the fact that closing the store put a lot of people out of work, that they will now probably make even less money in their new mom and pop store jobs, and will pay more for the goods they buy. They have also ruined the career of the executive, who, again, did nothing wrong.


This episode was great like all the other episodes. It held my attention until the very end with the amazing storyline in every episode. Also great use of characters, their personalities, and their awesome chemistry together. I love this show so much, I've watched every episode at least once, most of them twice. Leverage needs a Season 6!!!


I agree with the others here that the quality of Leverage has been steadily declining, as reflected in the ratings. I almost didn't bother sticking around for the the end of this eipisode. By the way, ironic that Christian Kane bragged in Oklahoma Magazine last year about his sister being Walmart's in-house lawyer. Turns out she's responsible for labor issues.


Though they didn't address it directly, Parker did seem to be growing. I can't quite put my finger on it. All of the characters histories should be brought into their current lives a bit more. That's why I was so pleased that the writers took that step with Eliot. I will agree with Carolyn, Christian Kane has a talent. He says that a lot of people confuse him with his character, but fans have more of a connection to the character because (minus his job of beating the crap out of people)the two are alike in many ways. Props to the writers for deciding to open Eliot up more. However, they will need to continue that effort with the other characters. Eliot, being most people's favorite, can't be the focus of people's affection. It's important for the fans to feel that way for the others, or TNT will just end up doing a spin-off. I love Hardison and Parker, but their relationship has been almost invisible until this last episode. That needs attention, though for I know it's what the actors have already created that we just haven't seen.


This episode showed a disappointing drop-off in quality. There was little chemistry between the main characters, as if they have all settled in and no longer needed to try particularly hard. The story itself was hackneyed (Big Bad Super Store-- Done to death) and the crime was too amorphous to be considered a major injustice. Yeah, yeah they are taking jobs away from the independent store owner (Done to death) but no real crime to avenge. The gal who was the face of the corporation was just an eager beaver doing her job. The only character who deserved retribution was the pipsqueak bully and that wasn't really worth a whole hour. All in all, I felt the writers and actors had phoned this one in. Do better next week, guys!


I really enjoyed last night episode. Great to see the team back after being off some weeks. I loved the back story of Eliot. The ending had me so emotional. I was talking to the screen "please open up the door." Eliot is really becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. Christian Kane is such an amazing actor. Really sad that there is only four more episodes left of this season. They have to have a season 6.


Awesome Episode!! Leverage never disappoints and this one was nothing less than fabulous!! Now TNT needs to RENEW what we know to be the BEST show on Television.


Loved the ep. Loved the backstory on Eliot. LOVED the Hardison/Parker interaction. I could just see the story behind that--Parker saw a "normal" couple hanging all over each other and decided this was something that she should be doing. The fact that she was not hanging all over him at the end was a good thing. Dare we hope for a season 6?


Last nite was a very interesting ep. I like leverage because they talk about real world situations and it's one of the few good shows on air

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