NBC Announces Do No Harm Premiere Date, Grimm Return Date

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NBC has announced the premiere date for Do No Harm, a Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde-type drama that will take over for Rock Center with Brian Williams in the Thursday-at-10 p.m. time slot.

The Steven Pasquale-anchored drama will debut on January 31.

It centers on Dr. Jason Cole, a neurosurgeon by day and a borderline sociopath by night who goes by the moniker "Ian Price."

Do No Harm Poster

Rock Center, meanwhile, will shift to Fridays at 10 p.m. beginning February... which meansĀ Grimm - which aired its fall finale on November 16 - will return on March 8.

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We want and need Grimm to be back on TV
sooner than March. It is our favorite series!
Also, we really like Elementary and the
Network has been showing a repeat about
every other week. We need someone to
act responsible and change this situation
for both shows.
Thank you.
Karen McCarter and Elspeth Bamberger


Why is Grimm taking so long to be back on the TV ? This is really weird.


March?? I thought my TV tracker app was wrong when it said Grimm wasn't back til March 8. They better repeat the first half of the season before hand as a series of mini marathons to refresh us. Here I was looking in my pvr guide expecting it in the next couple weeks. I will definitely return to watch it faithfully, but I am not happy at the wait.


You would think that as the LOWEST-RATED network, NBC would strive to hold the viewers they have for their top shows. Instead, they make a bone-headed decision like this and shelve *both* GRIMM & REVOLUTION until March. Badly done, NBC. Badly done. I don't see CBS, CW or ABC doing this with their new shows (VEGAS, ARROW, etc.). Viewers are fickle and if you keep a show off the air for too long, they will easily find something because there are so MANY choices nowadays. Also, did NBC forget FRINGE is ending its run, too, in a few weeks? GRIMM could have easily added more viewers from FRINGE's following by picking up right after the holidays. And, yes, this press release makes NO sense because GRIMM airs in the hour *before* Rock Center is supposed to air. Why should Rock Center's new air date affect GRIMM at all?


Perhaps they believe that DO NO HARM will glean GRIMM fans and then eventually become a Friday night block along with it. My intuition tells me that HARM will tank . MOCKINGBIRD LANE looked pretty strong to me ~ too bad they didn't go there. Not a good move to wait for GRIMM until March ~ it may hurt ratings.


NO !!! What I am going to do without my Grimm now that I found him?


Ugh, one of the perils of starting in August. I'll try to find something to keep us occupied Grimm-sters.


Do No Harm is going to be NBC's version of Beauty and the Beast?


What the hell, NBC?! Grimm comes back in MARCH?!?! What are these people DOING at that network?!?!


in March!??? are you freaking kidding me??? how am i supposed to last that long???

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