Once Upon a Time Clips: Threats and Fears

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Once Upon a Time... there was a young woman named Ruby. She was sweet and loyal and kind and, oh right, also a wolf when a full moon hit.

On tonight's new episode of this ABC hit, we revisit Megan Ory's popular character, as the actress teased what's to come on "Child of the Moon" in our exclusive interview. For more of a preview, check out the following trio of clips.

First, we have a reappearing King George issue a threat to David in Storybrooke. But this former shepherd is no longer afraid, as you can see here:

We then watch as Ruby is awoken by David and Grams, afraid that her worst fear has come true:

And finally we go back into the forest with Snow and Red, as the latter tells the former to find cover:

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I am also hooked on season 2! This and Revenge make sundays perfect for me.


WOW! Ashley R - that's a definite fail on your part, you DEFINITELY need to watch season 1 again!


I had thought it was the grandma who was the wolf. I may need to watch season 1 again.


I absolutely cannot wait for this episode! I'm so hooked onto season 2. Need more back story to her and a few other people asap.

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