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Once Upon a Time Season 2

"And Straight On 'Til Morning"

On the second season finale of Once Upon a Time, Storybrooke's residents struggle to save the town from being destroyed while Baelfire must choose between Captain Hook and Neverland.

"Second Star to the Right"

Baelfire finds that magic has its price, even in 19th century England, while back in Storybrooke, Emma, David and Mary Margaret's search for a missing Regina has devastating results on Once Upon a Time.

"The Evil Queen"

Regina uses Hook to put her plan into motion to get Henry back but can Hook be trusted on Once Upon a Time?

Mr. Gold asks David for help to win back Belle and will Emma choose to return to the fairy tale world on Once Upon a Time.

"Selfless, Brave and True"

Mary Margaret comes across an entirely wooden August while Neal's fiancee comes to Storybrooke as the real world continues to close in on the town on this episode of Once Upon a Time

"Welcome to Storybrooke"

David, Emma, and Mr. Gold try to protect Mary Margaret from a vengeful Regina. A man and his son find their way into the original Storybrooke with shocking results on Once Upon a Time.

"The Miller's Daughter"

Who will end up dead when Mary Margaret visits the dark side on Once Upon a Time?

"The Queen is Dead"

Will Snow and Charming be able to track down Rumplestiltskin's dagger before Regina and Cora can find it and use it to destroy those they love on Once Upon a Time?


Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry head to New York this week on Once Upon a Time to search for Baelfire. In the past, Rumplestiltskin realizes his destiny in the fairy tale world.

Cora brings the giant to Storybrooke to cause havoc as Jorge Garcia returns this week to Once Upon a Time an Emma and Henry leave town with Mr. Gold to search for his son.

"In the Name of the Brother"

Cora attempts to reconnect with Regina while the townspeople contemplate whether to let a stranger live if he knows about their magic on this week's Once Upon a Time.

"The Outsider"

Captain Hook finally confronts Rumplestiltskin on Once Upon a Time this week. Will the consequences be tragic? Elsewhere, Belle meets Mulan in fairy tale world.

"The Cricket Game"

Regina is accused of murder on this episode of Once Upon a Time. And you'll never guess who believes she is innocent.

"Queen of Hearts"

On Once Upon a Time, Cora and Hook square off against Mary Margaret and Emma in a race to secure the compass but will Mr Gold and Regina keep them all from getting to Storybrooke?

"Into the Deep"

Cora's out to steal the compass from Emma and Snow White while Regina and Mr. Gold must put David's life in danger in hope that he will contact Snow in the netherworld on Once Upon a Time.

"Child of the Moon"

Ruby's fears turning into a wolf when she becomes the prime suspect for a vicious murder and could Leroy's found treasure in a Storybrooke mine help Emma and Mary Margaret get home on Once Upon a Time.


Emma climbs the beanstalk with Captain Hook in the hopes of finding a magic compass to point them towards home. Jorge Garcia appears as The Giant on Once Upon a Time.

"The Doctor"

Snow and Emma discover a lone survivor of a massacre in the Fairy Tale World while back in Storybrooke Regina looks for help to keep from using magic on Once Upon a Time.

"The Crocodile"

Rumplestilskin's thirst for power leads Belle to consider leaving him while in the Fairy Tale world of the past we see the surprising turn that had Rumple lose his wife on Once Upon a Time.

"Lady of the Lake"

Emma and Mary Margaret try to find a portal that would bring them back to Storybrooke while Henry tries to talk Jefferson into reuniting with his daughter and we meet Sir Lancelot on Once Upon a Time.

"We Are Both"

Regina is focused on regaining her powers this week, while David searches for Mary Margaret and Emma and the Seven Dwarves uncover what happens when someone leaves Storybrooke on the next Once Upon a Time.

The residents must deal with the consequences of living under a curse for 28 years and the return of magic to Storybrooke on the premiere episode of Once Upon a Time's second season.

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