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Loved Rumple & Belle/it was too short though Regina could have waited a minute.....while I do not trust Gold with Henry that is one thing Regina will not allow him to be hurt and he is a pretty clever kid. Hook so disappointed me with SB as he has such great Emma chem but now I cannot trust him. While it may be rocky they have sold me on Snow & Charming always finding each other so am not worried about them.....Mulan needs to go away I find her very annoying.

On a different note I love all the fairy tale costumes on all but especially some of the women when they are in fight or ride mode with all the skirt/trouser/leather stuff. Lastly why oh why must we have these ridiculous winter breaks on TV..............not only are they annoying but to me they mess up the momentum.


How did hook get aruoras heart??? he woke her up, talked to her and sent her on her way. when did he take it? hows she not know its missing?? so many questions. great episode though!


Ariel. She's a fairytale character and a mermaid. They're setting us up for Ariel!
And i agree with the reviewer. Aurora was just getting my happy feelings going when she turned into a heartless zombie. It's sad.


A really good intense episode!
I so much love Snow! So strong and Fragil at the same time. She is strong when needed and so nice when her Charming is around. I love her chemistry with Emma and Charming really well done.
Hook! Hmmmmm! Really don't know what will happen. I hope he comes to Storybrook. I love his chemistry with Emma. so let's seeeee!

Aurora! I really liked her! It was strange she was a sleep but not in the other reality(I mean when Hook woke her up!). Shame she got her heart ripped of! and how will Mulan react!? Can Aurora be reLived!?


A few inconsistencies in this ep:

1. How the heck did Mulan manage to escape from Emma and Snow in the first place? Emma wasn't asleep and Snow waking up/panicking took literally a minute. Mulan here is a warrior, not a ninja. Also, Emma is too paranoid to let any slip up.

2. Was I the only one who thought that Darming going under the sleeping curse was a terrible idea? True love's kiss is a real world thing. It's never been tried in the nether world and the risk of it failing was really high. Now he's gone and left Henry grampa-less and the whole town leaderless.

3. I thought only practiced magicians can rip hearts out. Hook's background did not include innate magic ability... or did the writers just retcon that entire thing?

Otherwise, I did enjoy the angsty Snow/Darmy moments and Henry's desperate wish to be a hero in the traditional sense.


Awww...The scenes between Rumple and Belle/Snow and Charming were absolutely beautiful! Just because of them i fell in love with this episode.
But the Sleeping Hook fans were totally scr@@d over! I assume they flew with happiness when Hook released Aurora...and then...BAM! Poor Aurora... I had just started liking her. Mulan on the other hand is really starting to get on my nerves and that's sad,beacause i was expecting her to become one of my favorites.


Gah I despise aurora and mulan. Off with their heads!!! My god darming is just *swoon* . I love him. I LOVE DARMING!!! His and Snow's love is beautiful. And he is so so fine. And let me state this for the millionth time: SNOW IS A BAMF!!! She was brilliant with those arrows. Her love and desperation for darming is sooo sweet. Their scene got me teary. And rump this ep was great. I love is gentleness with henry. There is redemption in he and regina. And Ireally loved the scene between henry and regina. She really is trying. Oh and emma was pointless again


Arrgh!I'm getting so frustrated with this whole one step forward 25 steps back! I just hope that Emma and Snow get through safely next week. Ugh cannot wait for next week! Wish someone in abc would just release ep 9 ahead of time.


lolollolol bye bye aurrora you shrewd bitch


I am a little I wouldn't be if Hook hadn't told Aurora his message and then had Cora alter it and expand on it. I mean overall I am assuming Hook is playing everyone but I cannot help but wonder if that was someone else's cursed heart since all those drawers opened and Cora barely took note before she raised her zombie army that maybe Hook took one, took some blood or whatever from Aurora when she was out so he could follow them and switch sides again. And clearly rumple's cell is gone by looks of the previews...they were all on a beach and I am guessing everyone needs Hook to find a mermaid..and yes it is too bad that Aurora was just being less annoying and useless to the group.

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