Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "To Thine Own Self"

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The pieces are aligning on Sons of Anarchy. Sides are being chosen. And the countdown is on for the Jax versus Clay showdown that's been building for two years.

Fresh off Thanksgiving, our TV Fanatic Round Table of Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando, Carla Day and Dannii Priest (of are here to dissect "To Thine Own Self," debating the actions of Nero and wondering who will live to see Season 6...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I could probably use this as my answer every week, but everything involving Nero. His shooting of his old running buddies was shocking and bad ass, and then his breakdown with Gemma was simply heartbreaking. This guy rules.

Christine: Nero's breakdown when he saw Gemma and realized that turning back to the dark side was all for nothing. The emotions running through his eyes were really something to watch.

Carla: When Jax finally let Bobby and Chibs in on all the horrible things that Clay did. Jax's pain was difficult to see and their astonishment was refreshing. Jax has held all that in too long.

Dannii: Jax at the table telling everyone how he is getting them out of running drugs.

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Should Bobby have issued a warning to Clay?
Matt: From who's perspective? Obviously the answer is no if you're Jax, but Bobby has always been the reasonable voice of SAMCRO. He's aghast at some of Jax's recent actions and above all else, I think he understands how damaging it would be to the club if Clay's secrets were exposed. The VP is just looking out for his family here.

Christine: I wish he hadn't but I understand why he did. These two have been friends a long time. He may want Clay to pay but he apparently doesn't want to see him killed.

Carla: Bobby should have kept his mouth shut. It wasn't his place to get involved. He is Jax's VP, not anyone else's.

Dannii: Absolutely not! Clay has made his dirty bed so now he needs to lie in it... six feet under!

More likely to die this season: Clay, Tig or Tara?
Matt: Forget what the SOA preview for next week's "Darthy" teases, there's no way Jax is handing Tig over to Pope. And I see Clay surviving until the final season at least. So that leaves Tara, whose death would set Jax off a dark path the likes of which is current mindset can't even comprehend.

Christine: That's a tough call. It should be Clay but the guy's got more than the proverbial nine lives. Tig's own rashness and downright stupidity could have easily earned him a bullet as well. I just hope it's not Tara. This show has too few female characters. Killing her off would leave a serious void.

Carla: Hmm ... any of them could die. Will Jax give up Tig to Pope? I'm not sure he'll have an option. So I guess I'll go with Tig. However, I'm sure there will be at least one surprise that will come up regarding that arrangement.

Dannii: I have to say Tig. Pope will not let this go, and when Jax asked Tig if he still loves him, it seemed like a goodbye.

Should Tara take that job in Providence?
Matt: Should Miles lost weight?!? Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times yes, Tara.

Christine: Absolutely, but doing it behind Jax's back was the wrong way to go. It can only come back to hurt her.

Carla: Not without talking - really talking - to Jax about it. Though, in that moment, I think she accepted because she thought it would starve off her Otto situation. It won't, but it gave her a sense of control.

Dannii: No, not without talking to Jax to see where he's at with it all! She could have talked to him again about it first. But she can always change her mind... right?

Do you feel bad for Nero?
Matt: Totally. Though I feel great for Sons of Anarchy viewers who have been fortunate enough to watch Jimmy Smits in this role all season long. Can we petition Kurt Sutter to pen a spinoff? The Companionator? Nero and Far? I'll keep working on the title.

Christine: Oh God, yes! The poor guy went all in to rescue the son of the woman he loves... only to find out it was completely unnecessary and then found her back with Clay. The horror on his face as it all sunk in was simply heartbreaking. I keep wishing that Gemma would tell him the truth.

Carla: Absolutely. He opened up a side of him that he had locked down and it turned out to be for nothing. Poor guy!

Dannii: YES! He has to sit back and watch what happens with Gemma and Clay, knowing Gemma loves him. And then having killed his own crew by mistake?!? I don't believe it is going to end pretty for Nero.


this is agood show but lacks reality in some areas the situations need to move more this is a show about a biker gang and it needs to stay out of the kitchen jax needs to acert his power without flexing his arms nobody is gonna tell the executor producer of the show how to run anything so why is jax listening to advice from the irish mob cia or anyone else in the real world jax would kill clay to stop the bullshit bobbys bullshit line about not wanting jax to end up like clay was weak at the least bobby needs to man up bike gangs dont let pepole live when they screw up espeacily with their old ladies the next sentence is a line from easy rider remember it we youths dont want violence we just want to be free to ride our cycles without being hasteled by the man common these are bikers not polititions quit making jax out to be pussy whiped shes his old lady period a real biker would keep two fluffers in the bedroom bottom line she anint running nothing i dont watch this show becase i want cooking tips from jaxs old lady i dont care about her job other pepole can get their hands dirty dont risk someone that close then make her look like someone he cares so much about if a real biker gang needs money they move into a border town buy their own conection let others take the risks they dont depend on other organizations to do the lightwork because it makes them look weak biker gangs in cal and tex own bars wemon and are involved in drugs or so the public says if the shows gonna talk about all these millions of dollars it needs to gain some prospects because they should already have recources in place for cigarette and beer money the feds would look at these 30 guys as a joke and it would be easier and more fun for them to blow up their clubhouse with all the members in it than spend all that money on a rico case it needs to be real by planting peple in the enemies camps takeing them out and taking over thats what happens in the real world it should move from new dope conections in el paso juarez to theclub making hits in ireland to remove the competion and fighting rival biker clubs three stories in one to keep our interest and your ratings thats it for now


Bobby is so determined to kill Juice, because he killed Miles and turned on the club, but he seems willing to let Clay live despite Clay murdering TWO members. I hope Fat Bobby gets what he deserves.


Everyone seems to have forgotten about the mysterious guy who beat up Otto and later was seen following Tara and the kids. Who is he?


1. Jax revealing his plan to Galindo(how ever it is spelled)
2. No, now he should be labeled a snitch maybe let Juice off the hook
3. I think pope might die
4. Yes maybe take the kids, and get out of trouble for a while.
5. I do Nero IS so awesome, but all the sons have brought is pain.


you forgot Juice. Will he live or die???


The big guy is Phil. Miles is dead. The Emmy Award people should just send Jimmy Smits a Best Actor Emmy and forget the rest. I hope this isn't the case, but the Bobby/Clay thing: maybe Bobby knows stuff we don't about Clay back when. Since the next epi is titled "Darthy"(think Star Wars)-- what if Clay is Jax's real dad? Please god no.


i feel sorry for Nero because he thinks he loves Gemma! Honestly, Gemma is just as bad as Clay! Nero should only know her part in the murder of her own son's father. i can't imagine Jax turning Tig over to Pope...Tig was loyal to Clay but everything Tig did was directly related to Clay's lies. However, the only person who can save Tara might be Pope!

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