The Vampire Diaries Teaser: Flashing Back, Moving Forward?

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So... seen any intense sex scenes lately?

The most recent Vampire Diaries episode in both hot and controversial fashion, as Damon and Elena finally got it on, but not without a major catch: The latter is sired to the former? WTH?!? Has Damon been aware of this fact for all of Season 4?

It certainly appears that way, based on the following teaser for next week's We'll Always Have Bourbon Street."

I'm not a fan of how this storyline is playing out... but, hey, if it leads to a flashback episode that attempts to reconcile the Salvatores? AND brings back Lexie in the process? Yes, I may come around.

Watch the official CW teaser now and prepare for a visit to New Orleans:

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The sired theory is definitely flawed... Damon has feelings for Katherine before Katherine turns him. Had Damon been obeying Katherine blindly without question ?

David and sabrina 2014

I wonder what will happen throughout the flashback for the next upcoming episode but I'm still very depressed over the previous one. I hope that things will get better again(which means forget the Delena fans). X( =|


i thk now damon knows it.and the heifer and stef are sooner getting bck together.what then delena is jst a windy scene bt i know that eten if the bond will b broken elena will still hav feelings 4 him.


It's possible that the magic associated with Elena killing Connor was more powerful than the sire bond between her and Damon. It may also be that Damon not being aware of the sire bond allows Elena to not be fully controlled by it.


If Elena is sired to Damon, why didn't she listen to him when they were on th Wickery Bridge in the last episode? He tried to get her to go inside and she dodged him.


Where did u see/read that Julie Plec said Damon didn't know Elena was sired to him?


JULIE PLEC SAID " DAMON DIDN'T KNEW"!!!!! in the promo he talks about charlotte.....


Once/if she finds out she is sired I'm sure things will change. Like I said with Tyler/Klaus, even Tyler didn't know why he was so loyal until people told him why.


"Here is where the sired theory is flawed...
As per the writers ORIGINAL description, being sired means you follow and obey blindly without question. Damon didn't order Elena to sleep with him. He didn't tell her to break up with Stefan. And its obvious with the Tyler/Klaus situation that the person that is sired is well aware of it if they don't want to be. Elena chose to be with Damon because she's had feelings for him since she was HUMAN...before any such bond could be made. Its contrived and annoying....just let the two of them be happy." LMFAO, you're so off base. First off, we only have ONE in-depth look of being sired. That was Tyler and Klaus. Tyler didn't even know why he did what he did UNTIL it was confirmed that he was sired. At this moment Elena has NO IDEA why she has an unspoken loyalty/admiration for Damon. She has no idea why she is admiring him so much and she acted on this "desire" to prove her loyalty to him by sleeping with him. Once/if she finds out she is sired I'm sure things will change. Like I said with Tyler/Klaus, even Tyler didn't know why he was so loyal until people told him why.


Caroline and Stefan never knew that Damon and Elena were having sex at that moment. They were just talking about how she agreed with everything that he said and took a complete 180 when she turned and no one changes that much just cause their feelings are "magnified". And stefan broke up with elena not vice versa, which had nothing to do with the sier bond or the compultion

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