The Walking Dead Review: Life and Major Death

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That was certainly not what I expected would happen when I tuned in for The Walking Dead this week.

Everything seemed to be going well in both the prison and Woodbury. Glenn and Maggie were getting it on like a couple of bunny rabbits, the Governor was doing his best Tiger Woods impression, Andrea was drinking the Woodbury Kool-Aid, and even Hershel was walking and talking.

It was nice for the moment to see plenty of smiles on the characters' faces.

Yet, while the Woodbury portion was more of an extension of "Walk With Me" - with the conflicting opinions of Michonne and Andrea - the prison got another unfortunate dose of blood and death.

Can the characters ever catch a break? Is anyone really safe on this show?

Lori with a Gun

In a lot of ways, I'm surprised that two main characters were killed off (and I say two because I don't buy Carol's so-called death. We never saw it happen on a show that loves to depict every bloody detail). It just felt too soon.

I had a nagging feeling that T-Dog was going to meet his demise this episode. For a character who hasn't had a ton of lines and spent most of his time agreeing with the majority of the group on issues, as soon as he began to question Rick and voice his thoughts, I knew he was done.

Granted, his final bow-out was full of heroics - from closing the gate from the walkers and even getting Carol further to safety - before he was violently ripped apart. He definitely didn't whine or cry, so I give his character props in that regard, but at the same time, I'm not sure we ever really knew T-Dog.

Which makes me wonder, was T-Dog's death necessary?

Yes, I understand the walkers were everywhere and backup was pretty non-existent at the moment, and I even understand that with the way the world turned out, everyone's going to die at some point. But was T-Dog's death done because it would add a level of scary drama and a chance to get rid of a member for the sake of a show killing off one of its characters?

Maybe I just wish T-Dog had gotten a little more story to him before he kicked the bucket.

But I was certainly shocked and grossed out by Lori's death and the baby's birth. I never saw that coming... definitely not this season at least.

Frankly I couldn't believe what was happening at the same time Maggie was cutting into Lori's stomach. She can't die. Sure, she loses Carl all the time and cheated on her husband, but this is Rick's wife!

And to top it off, Carl had to pull the trigger on his own mother to keep her from returning as a walker. Say what you will about the acting, but as a character, for Carl to have gone through all the crazy experiences he has gone through? I'm not sure he can ever get off the dark path now. An intense moment for sure.

Poor kid.

Yet it was the heartbreaking performance by Andrew Lincoln that gut punched the show's closing moments.

Those tears and uncontrollable emotions were so raw and real that I felt for him. And even with Rick and Lori having that huge distance between them, it was evident that he still cared for her. For a guy who has been pretty stone cold, to watch him sob and collapse to the ground threw out a real vulnerability on not only Rick but the group as a whole.

What a way to end the hour.

I bet Rick won't make the mistake of letting anyone go next time.

It will be interesting to see how Rick handles the two prisoners after all this, even after Oscar saved him from the vengeful Andrew. Will Rick let them join?

And as much as I liked Merle sort of squaring off with the Governor and asking to search for Daryl, or the Governor mentioning his past (he never said his daughter was killed, did he?), the prison sequences truly overshadowed everything else.

"Killer Within" started off following something of a routine path that we've seen on this show, but by the end I was left speechless. I'm still not sure if I'm just shocked Lori is actually gone or that the show chose to go there so early, but one thing is for sure: The Walking Dead Season 3 has done a great job of sucking me in and not letting go. This is probably the most compelling season yet, and continues to have me clamoring for more and more.

What did you think? Were you shocked by the deaths? Did Carol survive? Will Rick be able to recover? What will they name the baby?


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I thought this episode was a cracker I suspected Lori might be killed in childbirth unlike in the comics and you could see that this attack would probably trigger labour but what a dramatic and perfectly acted episode! I loved the way Maggie couldn't form words when she and Carl emerged from the building, Carls stony shocked closed down expression and Rik's range of reactions were so realistic from his initial incredulous almost happily expectant - because he couldn't believe she was not with them - 'where is she', to his collapse. Oh and I don't think Lori cheated on Rick, as far as she new her husband was dead and she was thrown into extreme danger with her child, Shane was a strong person that she knew well, I'm sure it was a 'clinging together' in adversity type of thing, even though there were hints that Rick and Lori's marriage was not perfect before the disaster. I know Daryl is very self contained and does not show emotion easily (love his character) but I thought there could have been a little more of a reaction to finding Carol's scarf perhaps we will see more of his reaction in the next episode (I don't believe she is dead, at least I hope not!). I will miss T-Dog and it's a shame they couldn't have subtly rewritten his character to give hime at least a few more episodes to shine, he was a calm stoic dependable presence. Loved the way they cut to Woodbury setting up the scene but this episode belonged to the prison. Just loved the whole thing. Sheesh sorry for rambling on so.


I will miss T-Dog. I met Irone Singleton at the Frightmare in Texas. A very nice guy. Last night's episode was gut wrenching. I cried like a baby. I couldn't sleep because of the damn show and couldn't keep it out of my mind tonight. Please, let them keep Daryl. Let the baby live to give this soul shattered group something to live for. The Governor is kinda sexy, but sick!!! Where is Carol? Who is the Governor's daughter? Michonne has some sense but Andrea is getting to trusting...where do they go from here?


I was shocked at T-Dog's death. I agree that it would have been better to kill Lori and the baby. Another burden for the group with Hershel on crutchs and T Dog gone frm the fighting force. Andrea is only looking to get laid. She's flirted with every guy whose come near her, even Merle! I hope Michone leaves her there. Who is the person who killed that deer?


I definitely did not see that one coming. Two main characters knocked off in one episode and so early in the season (no, I don't think Carol is dead and she will probably be the one who ends up takeing care of Lori's baby). Regarding Lori's demise, I have been one of her harshest critics - seeing her take up with another man so soon after she just accepted Shane's word that her husband was dead (at best, an assumption by Shane, at worse and more likely,a lie to make it easier for him to become Lori's new bed partner and Carl's new father), her questionable parenting skills, her whiny attitude and especially, her harsh reaction when Rick told her that he had killed Shane, knowing full well that she had set the stage for that to happen. But I was really moved by her final scene. As a parent of 3 myself (2 girls and a boy), I felt a lot of emotion when she spoke her last words to Carl. And then Rick's reaction when he learned Lori was such tragic moment, fictional or not. It was definitley Andy Lincoln's best acting to date on TWD and I think should earn him an Emmy nomination. This show never ceases to amaze me.


I'm on Direct so I don't know the details, however, I do know it is common for networks to haggle with satellite providers about money. More than likely AMC demanded more money which would mean DISH passing on a rate increase to the customers. AMC got the big head now with the hits like Walking Dead and Mad Men................remember earlier this year Viacom had a dispute with Direct??????


Great episode! I was not spoiled so I was shocked by Lori and T-Dog's deaths. T-Dog went out like a hero and Lori got to say goodbye to Carl and save her baby. @TiffanyO Lori suffered placental abruption i.e. placenta tore away from the uterine wall which is why she was bleeding. This condition is more likely to occur in women who had previous a c-section which is Carol was practicing on a zombie. Once a placental abruption occurred, Lori's death was certain without intensive medical care. She knew this which is why she begged Maggie to cut out the baby before it died also. She bled out and was probably dead shortly after Maggie made the cut and got the baby out.


Lori did NOT cheat on her husband. His best friend thought he died in the hospital...but told the wife Lori that Rick was dead.
After C section birth of baby...when did they cut the cord???
Twas sad indeed.
Can't wait until the next episode. PS; DISH NETWORK had removed AMC from it's line up months ago, I and many others complained when Walking Dead Season 3 was about to begin. I don't know IF that is why AMC was restored by Dish Network, but AMC IT BACK. I have recorded the first three shows. and am actually all caught up with viewing, including week 4 last night.


Lori didnt ask carl to do it---she asked maggie--------carl said its my mom so maggie let him do it--------lori never wanted her son to do that


Unbelievable!! If this keeps up the cast in the prison will be only Rick!! No one is safe!! They need to take the prisoner in to add to thier numbers, the fighting capability is completely comprimised. T-Dog and Lori are gone, Hershal is on one leg, there is now a baby and poor Carl is really messed up, these folks need more bodies, more people for the walkers to feast upon.


I don’t feel that Lori cheated…she was lie too about her husband being dead. So in my opinion she didn’t cheat but moved on with the closest person to her at the time which was her husband’s best friend. Poor Carl, that kid is going to have some mental issues but with the way their world is it hopefully will make him stronger in the long run. As for Rick, to almost loose Hershel and losing his wife and so many others so close together is a big undertaking for anyone who feels responsible. I wonder how everyone will treat the baby…I wonder if the baby is immune to the virus that is changing everyone else…hummm. Anyhow, this show is getting better and better every time I watch it!

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