The Walking Dead Review: Tea with the Governor

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Wait a minute. Was that a hat trick? Was that three fantastic episodes of The Walking Dead in a row?

I was certainly worried that after the momentum of "Seed" and "Sick" that things would come to a screeching halt and have me wishing we were back at the prison with Rick and company.

Except "Walk With Me" took the series in a different direction, feeding into the illusion of safety and providing a commanding and eerie threat in the brand new character, The Governor.

Welcome, The Governor

Sure, in a way, the episode did slow itself down and a lot of it was spent talking, gazing and contemplating, but it was still covered in thick tension. I just kept waiting for something bad to happen.

Truthfully, Woodbury is the town that just seems too good to be true.

And I love that it's a huge contrast from the prison's dingy and dark atmosphere. Here, everyone's got a shower, they get to eat, wear clean clothes and have a curfew. The price you pay, right?

Because that's what makes Woodbury such a promising yet terrifying location. Everything feels so cheery and lovely that on the one hand it's easy to want to take part, but it's also understandable to be wary of the situation.

After all, the world is different, and little quaint towns aren't just little quaint towns anymore.

Especially, when Merle is a part of the community and not in charge. That's right Merle was back and he wasn't a dream!

It's not only great that we get Michael Rooker back to play the attitude-filled redneck, but he provided the unique connection to not only Andrea, but the prison itself because of Daryl. There's no doubt in my mind that if he knows where Daryl is, he will head right for it.

But the sociopath that tops him, nay, puts him in his place, is The Governor, magnificently acted by David Morrisey. And is it me or does he sound a bit like Liam Neeson?

He may not look anything like his graphic novel representation, but Morrissey brings that character to life in such a way that makes you want to fear him. The Governor seems so nice, friendly and caring... until he's blowing you away and smashing your face in.

And it's obvious from that picture of his family on his mantel that while he may have been a good guy in his past life, the world's circumstances have turned him into something more.

Can you believe those last moments of him just staring at heads in fishtanks? That is not normal.

The Governor has such a swagger and command that I can't wait to see him face off with Rick, who himself, has slowly turned into a more leadership presence with a dark flair.

I'm not sure how I feel about Michonne, though, and that might be my only real complaint of the episode.

Yes, she's ingenious in using the walkers as repellent (we finally discovered what the armless/jawless walkers meant), she's helpful with Andrea and she's got something of a past that's made her more hardened. It's reasonable to see that she's perhaps less trusting than Andrea, who has belonged to a group. And she's got that bad ass sword.

But she just seems so pissed off all the time. Kind of a grump.

Granted, we haven't really had any time to explore her character yet, so it could be too early to really judge her.

In a lot of ways it was great that we interrupted the prison for the entire episode to focus only on Woodbury. Not only did we get more time to flesh that section out, but we were treated to a full focus. No bouncing back and forth meant that things don't have to happen as fast, and the story itself could take time to progress naturally and effectively.

Plus, there's so much going on with Woodbury, Andrea, Michonne, Merle,and The Governor that even if it seems like less action and cutthroat problems like in the prison, there's plenty to be captivated by and make you want to know more.

For now, there is no weak story and whether we head back to the prison next week or stay with Woodbury, my eyes will be glued to the TV with anticipation. 

It's truly enjoyable to see that The Walking Dead has found itself continuing on the path of a phenomenal third season.


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I just assumed the Michone was keeping the zombies as pack mules since they were always carrying the bags.


Brilliant t.v., but I worry about myself since I fell in love with a complete psychopath - the Governor. Were I living in a Zombie Apocalyptic realm, Woodbury would seem like a haven and the governor would seem like the go-to Alpha male. I will say this, though: the lesbian subtext that is infusing so much of television's landscape is tired. (Please don't get all up in my face about homophobia. I'm not homophobic. I'm just exhausted by cliches.) Great episode. Great television. Thank you AMC.


OMG!!craziest and freakiest episode of all show in the world!!and freakiest character ever!!even more freakiest den a weirdo in my college!!the governor is the freakiest character ever!! ellll!!!!!! stupid governor!! dis is why u should never trust government ppl!! just a clue though


For those who haven't read the graphic novels, just wait. The Governor is psychotic, which I'm sure you will see in time. Shits about to hit the fan.
Don't expect to see Rick and that group settle down in Woodbury.
The episode may have bored some people, but it wasn't dedicated to zombie killings. This episode was to introduce The Governor, and give little hints about how crazy the character really is. So, sit tight, episodes in Woodbury will be faster paced in good time.
Sidenote- Meryl does not exist in the comics, but it was smart of them to bring him back the way they did. Remember what an a-hole he was with the group? And how he didn't listen to anybody? Or listen to reason? Well, now we see him in a story where he won't talk back or act against The Governor. That's another hint at what a piece of shit The Governor really is.


I agree this episode did slow down a bit...but it set things up for great things to come.
BEST SHOW on TV. If Sons of Anarchy didn't have such crappy music, it would be just as good, but Otto keeps mixing in such horrible music to try to sell imo.
Walking Dead is best show on TV and the public has shown their support!
Maybe the major networks will take notice of what works!
This show will survive and yet Hell on Wheels is DEAD cuz they wouldn't give Lily a reasonable contract. I hope these morons learn a lesson!!!


★★★★☆TV Woodbury is interesting. The brothers reunion is something, like many others I can't wait for. @Terrie , In the words of Walther Bishop ," Your like a question machine. " Granted some excellent ones like how long do you guys think this show will last?, Hopefully a long time but we have a guaranteed of 4 seasons.IMO Considering the ratings and for syndication money you need 4 seasons. (-‿')✌


"This is not normal." I love this understatement!

Sp mckenna

@Fatin - Well now you've got me thinking there's more to the tea! @KrennenC - I knew I couldn't be the only one! Now I wonder if his daughter will be Taken... @KP - I get she had reason to be wary but maybe I wish she didn't spend most of her time giving the stink eye. I'm sure as we progress, we'll get more into her character. I look forward to that because she should and can be another great addition to the show. @Terrie - I agree the show shouldn't be an exact copy and I'm glad it's not. It's great to take aspects of the graphic novel and expand or deviate from the original. It keeps it fresh at the same time putting in stuff graphic novel fans will notice!


Also! Cannot wait for the showdown between Merle and Daryl, and how it's going to go down, and how Carol will take it! I particularly hated her in the past, but she's really grown on me (IN JUST TWO EPISODES!)


I found this episode really dull. I paused it thrice to do other stuff, and then came back to it.
I'm reserving judgement about the Governor's character for an episode more or so. I definitely love that he's more civilised than the comic version, but I was really hoping for the "daughter" thing.
Anybody else notice the tea thing? How Andrea was drinking it and Michonne wasn't? And how it was particularly focused on? And how the Governor has a nice collection of weapons? Possibly other trophies that can be displayed (ie, not the heads in the fish tank).
I love Michonne, she's definitely right for not trusting him. He kept saying they could leave, but it's kinda obvious he won't let them. Trust nobody who shoves hospitality down your throat.

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