The X Factor Results: Sliced to 6

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A day after The X Factor top 8 took to the stage and sang for their lives via a slew of number-one Billboard hits, the axe came down on two more contestants tonight.

Did your favorites make the cut? Are you surprised over who was sent home? Let's get right to the results, shall we?

The X Factor Final 8

Fewer than 10 minutes in, we learn the identity of the singer with the least-number of audience votes.

And the first finalist voted off is... PAIGE THOMAS! Mario Lopez labels it "a bit of a shocker," but not really. She can't really sing or dance very well.

The real shocker took place about a half hour later when we learned the bottom two was comprised of Diamond White and Vino Alan. Really?!? Did America not see CeCe Frey perform on Wednesday?!?

Diamon goes with Beyonce's "I Was Here" for her survival song, while Vino chooses "Trouble." Will he be in some once the evening is over? Yes.

With only L.A. Reid voting to send Diamond packing, VINO ALAN is eliminated. Did you agree with these results?

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Cece should have went home ......hands down........ I was shocked that Paige was voted out. But, and I think Simon or LA might have mentioned this, she focused too much on wardrobe and makeup and production rather than song choice and sounding good doing the song.....I also did not care for her attitude when she found out she was voted off....saying "I've got bigger and better things to do" ......


but cece looks like a star- yes that does have a lot to do with it. she has an amazing voice. amazing sense of style. amazing stage presence. give her a chance. i'm glad the judges r giving her a chance :)


Why is Tate still in this competition? He is so overrated. I would be fine would any of the remaining contestants winning besides him.


Cece got many fanatic fans who vote thousand times each for her to stay. Normal people just vote few times for favourites..


Cece is still in the show I was shocked when she got saved and dimond was in the bottom two.


Honestly CeCe should've gone home... she didn't do justice to the song (which is my nice way of saying she sucked!)...if there's one thing I've learned is that you DO NOT touch a Christina Aguilera (or any other diva for that matter) song unless you can hit those notes...Vino Was Amazing I think Paige and CeCe should've gone home.


This show just lost all it's credibility. Vino voted out really? Did they not hear Diamond? I'm sorry but she just cannot sing. Also Cece en Emblem 3 still in? Do you people in the US have ears?