TV Ratings Report: A Series Low For...

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Revolution was televised last night, but fewer people than usual turned in for this NBC hit, as it fell to a series low (2.6) in the all-important demographic of 18-49-year olds.

Elsewhere, Partners fell by 14 percent in this same age group, likely sealing that sitcom's fate...

Kim Raver on Revolution

8 p.m.
The Voice: 11.5 million viewers
Dancing with the Stars: 14.2 million
How I Met Your Mother: 7.9 million/Partners: 5.5 million
Bones: 7 million
90210: 1.2 million

9 p.m.
The Mob Doctor: 3.1 million
2 Broke Girls: 9 million/Mike & Molly: 9.2 million
Gossip Girl: 800,000

10 p.m.
Revolution: 7.1 million
Castle: 10.7 million
Hawaii Five-0: 7.7 million

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poor sophia bush.. im sure she'll come up with something. im surprised at 9O21O! good for them!!


Sophia Bush...

Sarah silva

Great for 90210 not great for H50! These are 2 shows I really enjoy and I hope they are both back next year!


Yess! 90210


Yayyyy 9O21O! Great News. Should I consider this the series high this season? Apparently yes! I like this show! I would love to see a 6th Season!


I hope the 1.24 million viewers and the 0.6 wasn't just a fluke and 90210 continues with ratings like that because it'll most likely get a full a season next year if it continued at that standard. GO 90210!


Wait, apparently 90210 got 1.24 million viewers? I'm so confused with TVLine and TVByTheNumbers posting different things.


I'm actually really proud of 90210. Though it's had really inconsistent viewership this season, it's demo manages to do well. I know a 0.6, isn't the best, but it manages to out do GG and get more than it each time. Why TV Fanatic says the episode only was viewed by 1.2 million I'm not sure though, seeing as it was a season high in live viewers with 1.7 million. What the move will do next year I don't know, but I am almost positive that it will most likely get a 6th (and shortened final season) next fall.