90210 Review: Mixing Business with Pleasure

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Ever since the 90210 Season 5 premiere, Naomi has done nothing but try to be a dutiful and very fulfilling wife to Max, but she always seems to find herself in hot water. After all, not every wife is going to whip out first class lingerie every single night while waiting for her husband to come to bed!

In "The Things We Do For Love," Naomi took her affection for Max a step too far when she went against his wishes and got involved in trying to get him his job back. What she found out was the last thing she could have anticipated.

Kiss for the Hubby

What better way to get a brokenhearted CEO to spill her guts than to send her on a date and ply her with drinks? Especially when Bryce's date was with a guy like Navid who obviously was going to get sucked into that whole "let's bond over talking about our exes" situation. Also, Bryce hun, if your and your ex-fiancee's "drink" was an Appletini, it is entirely possibly that Todd was actually an 18-year old giggling girl.

Well, thanks to the cosmos Navid supplied in their place, we found out that Alec groomed Bryce to take over the CEO position as long as she promised to fire Max when she got the job. Cue Naomi storming over to Alec's place to confront him and mumble "it's like you're in love with him or something" and then finding out that - BOOM! - that was the answer the whole time.

If Madison couldn't have Max, Naomi couldn't have Max, then the company couldn't have Max. And there you have it. Unfortunately, it was too late for Naomi to tell her hubby because he had already left for the gamer conference in Iceland amid their troubles. Would he have believed her anyway? By the way, I always get really uncomfortable when people go alone to confront the bad guy. It's not like the people on these shows have the best track records. I thought Annie was done for when she ran into Vanessa and Liam hadn't shown up.

Turns out Vanessa might've been the less creepy villain all along? I mean, she's nuts and all, but like she said, she would never hurt Liam. If he wasn't going to love her, she wanted to be compensated for the contract they were in together. Vanessa is definitely the lesser of two evils when Ashley (is she even a bodyguard?) has Liam drugged and locked up in the basement under The Offshore. What's she gonna do with him?

I have to say, if we're going to have to see someone go all Kathy Bates in Misery, I definitely prefer to see it in a comedy like Happy Endings!

It's hard to get invested in Annie and Riley as a couple when Annie is so tied up in her ex's storyline. There are a lot of Liam and Annie fans out there, myself included. That said, I do really like Riley, but I feel like those two haven't gotten a real, fair shot together. Also, in my opinion, Riley kinda projects his own feelings about being in the wheelchair onto Annie. Annie didn't give him the tablet because she thought he couldn't "come to Scotland because he's in a wheelchair," that's absurd. She did it because she wasn't going to ask a dude she just started seeing to move away with her for two years. 

Annie was also overjoyed about Dixon's prognosis because this is her brother who she grew up with and has an entirely different relationship with. She knows Dixon and how he feels and reacts. It was never a matter of her not accepting Dixon's injury. On a lighter note, I really dig Dixon and Megan (Jessica Parker Kennedy) together. I like them as a couple. He and Ade were over long before he found out about the cheating. Speaking of, where is Taylor nowadays?

Last but certainly not least: the battle over the possibly not even created child. Shane threatening to get lawyers on Silver was a tad overdramatic considering she wasn't implanted with an embryo or even pregnant yet. Take a step back buddy.

This isn't something you can just thank me for and walk away. | permalink

Wasn't that the deal, though? At this point, Silver should just go with a random sperm donor chosen from a file. No muss, no fuss. Lines get blurred when you do these things with friends and I'd hate to see Teddy and Silver on the outs.

What did you all think of the midseason finale of 90210? Whose storyline did you care about the most? Who is creepier, Vanessa or Ashley? Hit the comments and let us know what you're hoping for in 2013!


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Oh, and re Max/Naomi: I couldn't believe it when Max said it was NAOMI'S fault for hiring the gal that he just loved! She did it for you, moron! Max is beginning to get on my nerves. He doesn't appreciate the incredible amount of effort Naomi goes to for him. And it doesn't make sense that she wouldn't tell him that Alec was behind the recent events - is she just going to watch as he and Alec start another company?


Irritated at Teddy/Shane. Idiots. She hasn't even been implanted yet and at this point I wouldn't go near those embryos with a ten foot pole if I were Silver. Pick an anonymous sperm donor and try it again. Ashley is definitely BSC. I don't think she was hired by the studio; I have my doubts as to whether she is a cop. Pretty stupid for her to think that Liam is going to meet Vanessa when he doesn't even know Vanessa is alive! Tired of Dixon being such a jerk to Ade. Not willing to invest in his relationship with Megan until he frees up Ade to do what she wants AND treats her decently. Riley/Annie? Riley is way too moody and emotional. Run, Annie, run! Nothing to do with his paralysis, but with his personality!


omg ANNIE takes a bullet for liam in the PREVIEW!!!!
i hope she's not gonna die...
rumor has it shenae got fed up with the show long ago...so...


well, I hated the end of this season.
I'm impatient to see what happen next specially for poor Riley will he actually do that just to please Annie I find him a really nice guy and I hope he'll survive. Annie got stuck in the middle between two crazy psychos and I'm sure she's the one who got shot unfortunately .. I wish Liam never told her about that AWFUL STORY! She doesn't deserve this. Liam has shown for me this season that he is such an idiot a big jerk, first Vanessa then that porn video and now this but this time Annie's life is in danger. Dixon got his happy ending I guess he never deserved. Ade is a cheater and a liar.


Annie is totally going to get shot saving Liam and that is going to bring them back together. Sorry Riley


I really hope Navid and Adrianna get back together. Their scene was one of the highlights of a pretty good episode. Re: Bryce. They must've dated in high school since Alec was Max's freshman roommate. I can see why Max wouldn't know who was if that's the case. I agree. I love Dixon/Megan together. My only complaint is that there's not enough Degan scenes! They should get as much as Riley/Annie in my opinion.


1) Is it just me or Adrianna doesn't looks so sad breaking up with Dixon. ;D
2) I knew Alec's gay from their first scene together. predictable!
3) So Max doesn't even know about Bryce, Alec's fiancee? I thought they were best friends since day 1 of college?
4) I'm getting tired of Riley now.
5) I'm done with Silver-wanting-a-baby-STORYLINE.
6) LoL @ Liam getting kidnapped and attacked by a girl so easily. I hope she won't rape him! ;p


What's wrong with 90210 writers? Why is it so difficult for them to give decent amount of screen time to Lannie? They did it with Liver and no one even cared about them WTF, writers, WTF?


i think rylie is spine surgery is going to be fine it is Annie i worry about i think she gets shot next season in preview it shows some getting shot think its her and leaves her paralyzed and not able move Scotland then rylie leaves her Liam feels guilty what happends and falls in love with again !!


All I need is Lannie. And it pisses me off that they get the least screen time. Are writers aware they are show's most popular couple?

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