AFI Top 10 of 2012: Who Got Snubbed?

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What are your top 10 shows of 2012? The American Film Institute has released its annual list, which features a number of critical favorites across a wide spectrum of genres. How does it compare to your own rankings?


The complete AFI 2012 list (in alphabetical order) is:

  1. American Horror Story
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Game Change
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. Girls
  6. Homeland
  7. Louie
  8. Mad Men
  9. Modern Family
  10. The Walking Dead

Repeat honorees include Breaking Bad, Homeland and The Walking Dead. Girls is a first-time member after just one season on HBO, and that network's Game Change made it as a made-for-TV film.

The shows listed above were chosen by critics, film and TV artists, critics, scholars and AFI Trustees. The American Film Institute will celebrate this year’s honorees January 11 lunch in L.A.

Who do you think was snubbed from the list? Who would you put in the top 10?

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Boardwalk empire and once upon a time and the borgias are missing.


My top 10 in order of preference
1)Breaking BAD
2)Game of Throne
3)Justified (Season 3 is much better than the 1st 2)
6)Boardwalk Empire
7)Sons of Anarchy
8)Mad Man
9)Last Resort (Best New show/hate that it is cancelled!)
10) Survivor and Amazing Race (only 2 reality that I watched)


I won't even argue about person of interest or Arrow, because the format is not "critics-friendly", it's "good television" not "Original series" and comedy shows are always snubbed because, well, most of them will go for the jokes instead of the story, and they're right. But, Scandal ? Great cast, great writing, great story, characters with multiple layers ( or as bad press call them "Unlikeable") ... It's one of few drama on networks Tv that still believes it is on cable. "If you want an award, show us your boobs" right ?




The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural should've come in to this list for sure. Not How I Met Your Mother since it is terrible this time around.


My list would include: Justified, Suits, The Borgias, Spartacus. Agree on Game of Thrones & Homeland. The rest I don't watch, and some I probably should.


Arrow, Person of interest Hell i can make my own list :P


JUSTIFIED needs to be on this list


I agree for Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest and Scandal. I would also add The Good Wife, Parenthood and one of my favorites, Haven.


And I watch none of those shows.