Gossip Girl Finale Preview: Stephanie Savage Teases the Last Chapter

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After more than five years and 120 episodes, the last chapter of Gossip Girl airs tonight, and executive producer Stephanie Savage is here to preview some of the twists, turns, returns and reveals.

Will the Chair "endgame" live up to expectations? What about the identity of the title character? Who else will end up together? And what about the many familiar faces from the past showing up?

Here are five things to look out for when the series takes its final bow tonight:

Gossip Girl Season 6 Cast Photo

1. The reveal of Gossip Girl wasn't necessarily planned - at least not from the onset.

"When you're thinking about a finale, you go back to the pilot, you think about everybody's series arcs and think what is the premise of the show? In this case, 'Who is Gossip Girl?' is a big part of the show."

"We had a thought in the back of our minds who Gossip Girl was, but we were never sure if we were going to reveal that. Was it something the audience wanted to know, or would they rather not know?"

"We kept it very open. Then last year, we did a lot of storytelling with Gossip Girl and it felt right that this year, she would be revealed."

2. It surprised the cast members themselves, but in a good way. "The actors were really excited and surprised," Savage says. "Everyone has had many theories over the years. I think they liked it."

3. The writers agreed on which couples should end up together. "When you create a series," Savage says, "you have an idea in the back of your mind where you think everybody is going to end."

"But you have to be very open to the road the actors and characters take, which I think we really tried to be on Gossip Girl. In the end, I think I always felt I knew who I wanted to be together."

"By the time we were at the end of Gossip Girl Season 5, the writers were all united."

4. They have no regrets, about anything, unlike some of the CW show's viewers.

"There are too many things to think about what you would do differently," she says. "That's one of the good and bad things about TV, you have to keep going and you can't second guess yourself."

5. A Gossip Girl movie could maybe happen ... somehow, some way, and some day. "It's funny we've never talked about [a movie] seriously until the show was actually ending," Savage says.

"We've never had any legitimate conversations about doing a movie until we were saying goodbye. Then we said, 'We'll do a movie, Broadway show or reunion show, right?'"

"Even though we are likely to see each other again it's not like we'll all be working together again, so that's where the fantasy starts."

So say so long to Gossip Girl tonight, then visit TV Fanatic for a full review and analysis! For now, check out these Gossip Girl clips and share your predictions and theories of what we can expect!

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in the half of season 5 blair was so bitchy! she let him fight for her and when he did that she went to dan! and then she says to chuck don't let this ruin every good in you > blair pleas you ruined his whole life right now! I just wanted to say that. but now that they are togheter i'm sooooo happy !! and there sonn is soooo cutee and yeah i'm jusst sooo happy that they ended up!! love chair forever !!


Dan being GG, really? The only one that could make sense of that is the untalented moron in charge a.k.a Stephanie Savage --- And speaking of Savage, please see a doctor because your face is melting and maybe your botox has seeped into your brain, so have that checked out also.
Oh there is no way they will do a movie -- Any cast member with a functionally mind would say yes to that, so bitch please don't embarrassed yourself with that statement.


Well I'm a Chuck and Blair fan and I'm not happy with Dan being GG. I don't know, maybe is because I also shipped DS, or because I didn't dislake him as a character, but in any case, I think it damaged Dan's image.


Only moronic Chair shippers would be happy with that ending. Dan as GG has made the whole show a complete joke from the beginning. To then claim that Dair was just a way to get her back with Chuck was pathetic and desperate retconning. I don't think there's ever been I show I've regretted watching ever before but I regret this one. These writers should never find employment again.


Love it, plot holes and all. I mean they had to fix the mess that was Dair but they did a good job of totally negating it. Dan dated Blair to get her to realize her love for Chuck. GG did say, haven't we paid the toll enough for that relationship in reference to Dair. Love it all. GG is gold.


Just because there isn't a narration of gossip girl in the end ep doesn't mean Bart is gossip girl ... They did that to add tension to the story so that the mean focus is the death of Bart not gossip girl's narration -.-


It's quite clear that they never had any intention of revealing GG as their scrambled, halfassed storyline proves. Completely illogical. Way to insult your fans intelligence.


OK if Bart is Gossip Girl, what is his motive? There has to be a motive!


@Rosie. Settle down Dair


i agree it has to be bart

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