Gossip Girl Series Finale Clip: You Georgina Sparks?

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In another clip from the Gossip Girl series finale, two great schemers meet for the first time.

Right after Georgina Sparks makes a shady phone call regarding Dan, Jack Bass rolls up - in a limo, natch - and asks her to join him in a scheme. Blair Waldorf recommended her, so she must be good at it.

What do you think Jack has in mind for Georgina? Watch their introduction below:

This is the fourth Gossip Girl finale sneak preview clip we've seen so far. The others:

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I don’t want Gossip Girl to end. It makes me want to cry. Remember the good old days when it became poular in season one, the society ball, Chairs first kiss in the limo, the brunch, when Serena came back and then how happy we were when Gossip Girl came back in season two and the Hamptons, Chuck saying I love You to Blair, all the drama. God i’m gonna miss all the promos, interwievs, set photos, spoilers and the whole cast together filming the best show ever! I don’t want Gossip Girl to end!! Why can shows like OTH, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives get 8 and more seasons, and we can’t even get a full season 6... it sucks! at least i’m happy that Chair will get their happy ending with a wedding and kids. In january i’m gonna start watching the series from season 1 and up to season 6. I will always love Gossip Girl and the cast! I hope that it never gets forgotten!


I hope Jack and Georgina aren't hooking up because I like Phillip (remember him?). Who would have thought Georgina would be the first to be married and a parent(although not in that order)?


Although , I hate myself for watching it lol but did you see her face n reaction when chuck got down on one knees n pretty much cried out that "yes!" I almost cried too!


OMG YES! THANk YOU @k! Great chair clip! I will be watching that like all the time til the finale ;)


Safran does not seem like the sharpest guy. I mean, he definitely tried the Dan and Blair relationship at completely the wrong time. It's like he had fifty ideas all at once and instead of sorting through them and laying them out in a manner that would make sense, he just went for it all at one time. Season five was such a jumbled mess..


These two are simply amazing! Why did the writers introduce them just now? They totally would have been the perfect fresh and new twist people needed in season 5! Could you imagine seeing these two having an affair instead of that borefest that were Blouis and Dair? What a shame, what a shame!
Jackgina FTW!


Georgina and Jack will be a great couple, too bad they were not earlier connected! Georgina is talking on the phone with Vanity Fair that they get Dan's final chapter that is about GG. However, the last chapter Dan will give to Nate to publish, and that's why Dan and Georgina argue on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum! And Georgina and Jack go into action to save Chuck from going to jail, that's the only reason why Blair would recommend Georgina!


I saw the clip of Chuck proposing to Blair. I which I never watch it and wait until Monday night because it ruin my expectations, so don't watch it if you want to be surprise.


Just read an interview with Josh Safran and he said that he made poor choices on Gossip Girl like not showing Blair's grief over her miscarriage, not having Serena or Nate tell Blair and Chuck they got in the wrong car and that Trip sabotaged it which would've made her see that it wasn't fate trying to tear he and Chuck apart.

that's what happens when you are blinded with humphrey stanning fuck you safran


watch the worst episode of this show here http://adf.ly/FqzuM

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