Gossip Girl Series Finale Clip: You Georgina Sparks?

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In another clip from the Gossip Girl series finale, two great schemers meet for the first time.

Right after Georgina Sparks makes a shady phone call regarding Dan, Jack Bass rolls up - in a limo, natch - and asks her to join him in a scheme. Blair Waldorf recommended her, so she must be good at it.

What do you think Jack has in mind for Georgina? Watch their introduction below:

This is the fourth Gossip Girl finale sneak preview clip we've seen so far. The others:

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Georgack! Id love the idea but now he have hepatitis and she is married (at least I think that) just like as partners in a scheme is aceptable. And I like Philipe too, where is he anyway? He took Milo get divorced and is raising him by his own? G doesn't look worry at all...


Just read an interview with Josh Safran and he said that he made poor choices on Gossip Girl like not showing Blair's grief over her miscarriage, not having Serena or Nate tell Blair and Chuck they got in the wrong car and that Trip sabotaged it which would've made her see that it wasn't fate trying to tear he and Chuck apart.


I would love it if these two got together. Blair might not...but I would.


nooo this is hot but I ship georgie and phillip so hard, where the fuck is phillip


Why did Nate and Jenny's storyline end so abruptly? Does anyone know? I just started watching last year and I really don't understand why that relationship ended the way it did.


But...but...what about Philip? I mean...i agree...G ans Jack would be an amazing couple but they should have introduced the idea a lot earlier. Like before Milo found a loyal daddy like Philip... Anyway...as i see it now..the unexpected couples will be:
-Georgina and Jack
-Nate and Jenny (i can't believe i'm still hoping after all those years...but they had so much potential and they just ruined them)
-Lily and...Steven? I mean i'm sorry... but with Rufus it'd be hardly unexpected. I would personally like her to find Owen Campos. I loved them together in ''Valley Girls'' and their story ended abruptly without us knowing what happened to him. I hope they meet again...but i also hope he's evloved since the 80s.


@ K, THANK YOU!!!!!! Finally a good Chair clip, since this site does not want to post anything about them!!!! Woo hoo!!!


i think jack and georgina are forsure gonna be one the unexpected couples!!!
i think other ones could be:
lily and rufus
nate and jenny
chuck and erin (lol kidding)
... but i think that the spoiler about derena wedding is true because what other reason would there be for both eric and jenny to be back? and also, usually the characters wear the same outfits throughout the episode but in the leaked pictured from the finale lily is wearing a different outfit in a picture with eric than in all the other pictures, which i think could be a special attire for derena wedding... because she isn't wearing it in the pics of chair wedding.


I just have to say that the thought of these two possibly being one of the "unexpected couples" is striking me as far more hilarious than anyone probably intends for it to be. Because that makes her "Auntie Georgina" to Chuck and you know that's going to go over well...


i can't believe the writers didn't think of pairing them up before

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