Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: The Usual Suspects?

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In this sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO," Monday's Gossip Girl series finale, Nate and Sage are looking over the evidence, considering the suspects and closing in on the mother of all mysteries.

Just who is Gossip Girl exactly? Do they know?

Apparently Jenny Humphrey, who was Sage's idol in seventh grade, is at least being talked about, but the conversation then turns to situations where Gossip Girl went easy on someone. That could be a clue.

She shut down after Chuck and Blair's accident, led Dan and Blair to Juliet after Serena was drugged, supposedly spared S before graduation. Who knows. Maybe she was a guardian angel of sorts?

With the last episode days away, Gossip Girl finale spoilers have ramped up speculation about who the title character is, who ends up together, and what the polarizing twist in the last 15 minutes could be.

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Who is Gossip Girl?

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And @zoran not being mean and I know you are a hardcore Derena fan but you need to stop being bias ... Some of us might actually also be Derena fans and actually think gossip girl is Dan ... Think about it ... Serena has forgiven dan heaps of times and Dan has done the same ... And this could be his way into the inside ... I'm not being bias because I think Serena should be with nate but like Dan and Serena are cute together so whatever but you need to think about the clues between gossip girl and the connection it has towards Serena not everyone else but SERENA ... Without serena gossip girl doesn't exist ... I'm not being mean or saying you are wrong just open your options abit .. It's not set in stone I know but it's possible it is him...


GOSSIP GIRL IS NOT A PARENT.... What would try care about teenagers gossiping on who sleeps with who at the back of a limo or what Brooklyn outside is going out with a high society girl? Think about it it's not a parent ... -.- Gossip girl can be dan but I don't think it is him anymore ... But it can be because at times gossip girl is harsh to Serena and sometimes helps Serena ... You need to think that Gossip girl started because of Serena so you need to think about the connections Serena has ... Whoever it is .... Serena is gossip girl's main target ... There is a possibly it could be Dan for many reasons ... He wants power and he even said he wanted Serena to know his not scared of her but there is also the love war there why would he betrayal her again... If it was a parent i reckon it would be William ... Idk why but you need to think that gossip girl would due to exist without Serena... So whoever it is she or he is connected to Serena ... I should if kept watching my marathon >.> find clues -.-


It is not Dan! All those who are saying that Dan is GG are against Serena and Dan! Because if Dan is GG, then Serena would never forgive him! And we all know that in the end, on Monday, will be a wedding of Serena and Dan! From conversations between Nate and Sage, it can be concluded that any of parents could be GG - Alison or Lily or William, and if it is Rufus then it will be a real surprise!


Dan or William


It sounds more and more to me like its Dan..


In the books it's Chuck there are clues it's him but it's not directly written its him... I think whoever gossip girl is loves and hates Serena ... They want to be like her but try can't Idk whoever it she is she started this of because of Serena...


Blair is GG


Maybe GG shut down after the Chair car accident because GG was in the hospital. Because she is Chuck.


Shut down after the accident, helping with Juliet would have been Jenny, because she was in cahoots with her too. Honestly, I do not care who GG is, I just CHAIR and their happy ever after!

Spindae 2o

IT's Nelly Yuki!! almost sure! But never say never!
that's a secret I'll never tell. . . :D

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