Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: The Usual Suspects?

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In this sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO," Monday's Gossip Girl series finale, Nate and Sage are looking over the evidence, considering the suspects and closing in on the mother of all mysteries.

Just who is Gossip Girl exactly? Do they know?

Apparently Jenny Humphrey, who was Sage's idol in seventh grade, is at least being talked about, but the conversation then turns to situations where Gossip Girl went easy on someone. That could be a clue.

She shut down after Chuck and Blair's accident, led Dan and Blair to Juliet after Serena was drugged, supposedly spared S before graduation. Who knows. Maybe she was a guardian angel of sorts?

With the last episode days away, Gossip Girl finale spoilers have ramped up speculation about who the title character is, who ends up together, and what the polarizing twist in the last 15 minutes could be.

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Who is Gossip Girl?

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I don't think GG will be one of the main characters. My guess is that GG is someone that is invisible to the UES world. That is why I'm thinking Dorota--a house keeper in the middle of everything, yet invisible.


Shut down after Chuck and Blair's accident - Dan liked her then. Spared Serena until graduation - so basically she was spared while she and Dan were together. Helped rescue Serena - sounds like Dan again. Plus the whole inside/writing thing.


Shutting down the site after Chuck and Blair's accident, helping them find Serena not once but twice, and sparing S before graduation makes me think it's one of the parents, Dorota, or one of the Humphrey's.

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