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After starting out season 2 in fine fashion, all but erasing any doubt that Homeland wasn't going to be able to continue its stellar quality, "In Memoriam" was the third or fourth straight episode in which much of that excitement was trumped by lack of believability and uninteresting stories.

Let us put aside the fact that Carrie has to be the dumbest person in the world for going back into that building when she so passionately felt that Nazir would be in there.  She's CIA, but she's not a killer.  Nazir is. 

Regardless, once the squad gets there, it seems pretty clear to us that they want the audience to believe Carrie is absolutely nuts for thinking Nazir is in there.  She was imagining it or something, going crazy yet again.  Quinn's questioning looks and appeasing nature when telling the men to go back in and look gave off that vibe.

Carrie's Hunt

Of course she's crazy, because why on earth would Nazir have stayed in there when he had plenty of opportunity to leave before the large group of agents got there?  Why stay in the one place that the CIA is DEFINITELY going to search?

Wait, what?  Nazir was actually in there?!?!  He decided to hide in some little room instead of leaving for any other hiding place in the country?  That's the guy we're supposed to believe as the evil mastermind?

So hold on a second, the trained search team that went through the building multiple times found absolutely nothing, but our little Carrie sniffed out the spot within minutes of taking her time in there?  Let me guess that can be attributed to her knowing Nazir more than anyone in the world?

As soon as that door opens and you see there is a secret room, you call for back up, you don't go in there alone.  But alas, that is exactly what happened, and when Carrie left the nameless agent was sliced up quietly by what seemed to be a devastatingly dangerous killer.

When Carrie came around, however, Nazir turned into a slow motion-moving weakling.  At first, it seemed as if he was in The Matrix and he was just reaching out to touch her.  That of course gave her plenty of time to counter, and you know, not die.

If that wasn't enough, now knowing that his position had been compromised, the man that we are expected to believe orchestrated everything that happened in season 1 spent his next few minutes seeking out Carrie.  No, he didn't start thinking of new ways to get out of there.  He attempted to find Carrie, and take her out, because that was better than finding a way to escape.  If that wasn't bad enough, once he found her, the man who quickly sliced up the SWAT Team member was suddenly in an even fight with the female analyst.  Yup, this is the best show on television.

So after all that madness, it turned out Carrie was correct in her theory once again, and the crazy lady finally got to see Nazir dead.  Without him in the picture, I'm hoping the next big bad turns out to be a bit more intelligent, and I'm curious as to what kind of direction the show can take next.

While all of that was going on, we were also treated to the most recent episode of The Brodys, a show about the messed up life of Nicholas, his wife, and their two kids.  It's a show that I couldn't care less about, and I think that is because they never really gave any legs to Brody and Jessica as a couple.

That kept using dialogue to tell us that these two were once truly in love, and a great couple, but it was never shown to us.  That made it hard to get emotionally attached, and their dissipating relationship had very little impact.

Dana screaming that the whole family would be better off with Mike was certainly shocking, but that is the best thing I can say about that character.  She has been an annoyance all season, especially given that her hit and run turned out to not have a major effect on much at all.

Chris, on the other hand, may have had his best episode ever.  Asking "that's good news, right?" when it was announced Nazir was dead, and then not realizing that it was actually Jessica who was making their beds every morning at the CIA apartment, Chris was on fire in relative terms.

The main bright spot during the hour was Saul Berenson, who continued to be a joy to watch.  Mandy Patinkin can get angry with the best of them, and when he asked the man who was going to do the polygraph, "Who the f*ck are you?" I almost fell out of my seat.

We can only hope that Saul takes the lead next season as he attempts to take David down for attempting to murder Congressman Nicholas Brody.  Yes, that's right, I said "attempted."  Don't get me wrong, if they actually went through with Quinn killing Brody, I would give Homeland so many props that they wouldn't have room for them all.  But there's no way that happens, right?

No matter what goes down in next week's season 2 finale, Homeland has to take a drastic turn next year.  With both Nazir and Walden dead, that side of the story has run into a wall.  With Brody and Jessica broken up, is there any reason for the latter to still be a main character?

There is still one hour remaining in the season, but at this point, the future of the series is as interesting a topic as anything that might happen next Sunday.  Well, that is, unless they actually go through with the assassination.

But what did you all think TV Fanatics?  Is your love for Homeland running out?  Or is it still your favorite show on television?  What was your favorite moment from "In Memoriam?"  And was there anything that you just could take seriously?  Sound off in the comments!


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I agree that the chase of Nazir was ridiculous but the episode did pick up at the end and I am glad VP and Nazir are finally dead. Time for some new bad guys. And who is the mole?
Finally Brody ended his marriage! About time! It was never working after he came back and hopefully we will see lots of Brody and not at all his family next season:) One can only hope...
Damian Lewis and Clare Danes are incredible!


Of 'course' Carrie would run back into a dark unknown building were she had just escaped from after being being seen with frantic petrifed eyes (eye test close up) and shivering with fear at what Nazir would do to her.Don't think so. Oh yes and the iron bar she conveniently picked up would help protect her from a world wide terrorist. Maybe she thought he would stand there while she whacked him round his head. She must also have sensors (and brains) like a bat to walk into a pitch black room. Perhaps she was looking for the loo after being tied up for so long. Call me picky but is this getting ridiculous. Brody's oterwise covert twisted mind showed up well though while watching a man dying.


I thought for sure Nazir was going to blow himself up when Carrie ran to round up the FBI agents. A lot of the scenes were implausible with the whole Nazir, Carrie, and the vacant building, but it was still fun to watch. I'm still in for Homeland, still one of the best shows going right now. Favorite scene was when Brody reacted to Nazir's death. If they do kill off Brody, they can still bring Damian Lewis in many ways. 1). They could do a sort-of prequel in Season 3 when he was captured, at least for a few episodes. 2). Have Carrie and Saul team up to counter the CIA, but find it difficult to believe that end of the relationship it gone. Maybe Saul gets killed?
Can't wait for the final!


Don't be so hard on Carrie for chasing down Nazir, I ink any CIA agent worth their salt would do the same.
I agree about the daughter! Put her in a military academy and get her off the screen. Killing Brody would definitely give the story
Legitimate legs. Allowing him to live will take some damn good writing.


Couple observations
-When a VP leaves office during his term(resigns,dies)the president appoints his successor. Guess who that will be?
-Abu Nazir is dead but you have not seen the last of his character. Remember Brody's condition during the beginning of his captivity? All haggard and malnourished. Then Abu cleans him up. Then fast forward to the soldiers finding him in that ratty condition. The show will explore how Abu Nazir conditioned Brody to accept being returned to that forlorn condition. He was aPOW for 8 years; there's a few episodes mining that timeline right there.


Dana's screaming at everyone, keep it. I think it's the young actress I'm not feeling. I liked the young actress from AHS S1. The scene for me, was when Jessica told Brody that Nazir had been killed. Brody's sadness at that moment, in front of his family, freaking awesome performance. IMHO.


Oh - they good news is that they did kill Nazir and not make every season conclude with "We almost got him this time! Maybe next season...." At least they had the cojones to do that.


Your review is way too harsh - Of course Carrie would follow Nazir - she's bipolar, obsessive, compulsive, totally single-minded and maybe a little self-destructive. Claire Danes plays that part to perfection and I could easily see her getting herself hurt or killed by rushing in where angels fear to tread. Let's wait for the finale before we stick the knife in too deep. .


It's not so much character development as it is characters deconstructing. Carrie is still beyond troubled. It always feels like one step forward and ten steps back with her. Nazir was supposed to be this mastermind terrorist who proved to be quite clever. His final episode completely threw all of that out of the window. As for Brody being a 'success' story, I don't see how that could be possible. He was made to help the CIA because it was either that, or prison. Everything that looked 'noble' to the public was all a ruse. He saw Carrie getting away, he didn't have to kill the VP. But he did. He helped with the assassination. He's still a traitor to the country, I don't see how he could redeem himself after everything. He pretty much painted himself into a corner.


No, you're not being too harsh on this show. I really loved Season 2, but the past few episodes had me saying, "Well, I'll give them that b/c it's TV". This episode took the cake. "Let's search the tunnels but let's not bother looking behind any false doors or in all these huge, empty vents that he could be hiding in. Nah, he's probably just hanging out in the hallway and we'll find him reading the paper". And then he dies because he reached inside his jacket? Can't taze him or shoot his shoulder socket or something? I don't know, but shooting to kill just sounds ridiculous when he is kneeling 20 feet in front of you surrounded by armed military. And then he just dies and they carry him away with all his secrets conveniently gone (as they did with EVERY INFORMANT in Season 1 and thus never made any progress in the plot). I'm looking forward to seeing the finale, but I don't have high hopes that I'll be impressed with how they end it. Such a let down to a great season.

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