Last Resort Review: Recalculating

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It's family day on Last Resort. Well, almost. Unfortunately before the crew can get their day with family members much like contestants on Survivor, the boat transporting them all to the island is captured by the Pakistani Navy.

"Cinderella Liberty" took a hostage situation, the missing nuclear launch key, the Navy SEAL conspiracy, and the conflict between Pakistan and India, mixed them all together and came up with an entertaining if not stellar episode.

Visitors To The Island

Let's hit some of the highlights…

Marcus' back was up against the wall as he tried to bluff the Pakistani Navy. They wanted him to launch a nuclear missile at their enemies. There was one small problem. Marcus didn't have the launch key.

I really enjoyed Cortez as the mole as she had an obvious conscience. Far too often a mole is portrayed as one dimensional or as a strict traitor. That wasn't the case here. She was visibly panicked at this unforeseen turn of events and did the right thing as she made sure Marcus got back his key.

Unfortunately in doing so she threw all of the suspicion on Grace. The incredulous look on Marcus' face spoke volumes as he stared dumbfounded as Grace produced that key. Now she's stuck having to find the real mole to clear her name. This could get interesting.

Marcus turned the tables on the Pakistanis when he took his missile and turned it on them. With every move on this global chess board, the question becomes how far will he go to protect his crew. Is he a savior or a monster?

And on board the boat, Paul's story ended.  As much as I didn't like him I did feel some sympathy. He saved Christine but never got to see his son.  But the moment he stepped up I knew he was taking a bullet.

The low points included Kylie, whom I normally enjoy. The little girl lost look just doesn't suit her. She's so much more fun when she's plotting with Christine. I hope they get that dynamic duo back together soon although I don't see how that's possible now.

Sam's vow to find Christine left me shaking my head. Does he have any clue where they took her and how on earth is he going to find her? It sounds like a bit of a wild goose chase and I grew tired just thinking of it.

Back to the same question I had last week…Where the Hell is the COB?!?  How many weeks can they leave such a major plot point hanging?  And now we can add one more to it. What happened to Anders after he ran off? I couldn't imagine he'd last long with every islander out for his blood but I hate the not knowing.

With four episode left in the series, I'm curious as to how they'll wrap up so many plot points before it's over but I'll definitely be tuning in to find out.


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@fortyseven - Did you forget that the COB is crawling around the jungle because he can't walk on the burned soles of his feet? He doesn't even know about the mole. Chaplin only confided in his XO, Kendall, about the loss of the key because he knew Kendall was innocent, not being on the sub at the time of the hallucination/theft incident.


OMG I love this show sooo much it's bittersweet knowing that it's cancelled. How can this awesomeness end so soon? I need me some more of this action! I need me some more of James and Grace! I need me some more cool sub missions and isn't there more to the island, as referenced to by Sophie. Damn, I could see this show having tons of storylines to go from where it is now and what a shame ABC is being stupid.


I love this show and can't believe it is being cancelled!! Give it a bit longer!


The Pakistani general was dumb. I liked Christine sacrificing herself to save the hostages. I want to think that the COB is trying to find the mole.


Can't imagine this show has much of a following ...Takes guts or nuts , to put a show on Commercial tv and expect the usual commercial TV Dimwits to keep up with the plot ......


Still watching, but glad its almost over, about half the show is a great one, the other half, not so much, problem is, each week, its something different that I either like or am disgusted by, rolling my eyebrows works, disgust is not a good state. How it all ends, gotta admit, I don't much care.


WOW! That was an excellent episode! We finally saw what happened with the SEAL team back in Pakistan. Clearly peace between Pakistan & India is not wanted by the administration. But, why? Wouldn't it be good for everyone to have peace in that region, and for the administration to take credit for part of it? 4 episodes left? NO! Sam's Angels need to be reunited back in D.C. Grace needs to clear her name w/Marcus (and get James back in bed one more time). Looks like the Chinese will have a turn at the int'l standoff next week. This show could have been one of the most diverse, complex, layered ones on tv if ABC had allowed it to continue. Bringing in world issues might be too scary for a traditional network. Be brave, ABC! You're doing reimagined fairy tales. Why not be more patient & try a different time slot?

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