Parenthood Review: Don't Stop Trying

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There was a lot more going on than just “Trouble in Candyland” on Parenthood, that's for sure.

It seemed the only person who was having a good time, for a change, was Kristina. Considering everything she has been through, she deserved a break. Everyone else kind of made their own beds and were stuck sleeping in them.

Sarah and Hank Drunk

The Luncheonette: I still greatly disliked and didn't want to see Marlese, but Crosby was just being an idiot. There was no reason whatsoever people should still have been parking in the alley and antagonizing Marlese. The Luncheonette was already served with court documents putting the entire business in jeopardy, and Crosby's inability to make changes was irresponsible.

If he had been in business anywhere else in the country, he would have been in grave danger of losing everything he and Adam had worked so hard to accomplish. Luckily, he chose to revive a legend, and the local businesses and other residential neighbors recognized what they did for the area. Quite a save.

Julia and Victor: Despite Julia's best attempts to work with Victor to improve his math skills, nothing was working. It really drove him crazy when Sydney knew all the answers while she was still a year and a half younger than him.

Julia went to the best mother she knew for answers, Kristina. Her timing was impeccable. As Kristina said, “I was just dopin' it up.” It was a hilarious moment, but it also gave her just what she needed to give away her best kept secret. Bribery. Check out the Parenthood quotes section for more of what she and Julia talked about and to discover her secret. Julia gave it a whirl with Victor, and while he didn't ace him math test, he gamely studied to get in on the game.

Joel and Ryan: Amber asked her uncle for a favor – to give Ryan a job. You could tell Joel was hesitant, but he was willing to give it a try. As imagined, things didn't go to great for Ryan on the construction site. I'd like to point out one example that I didn't think was his fault.

He was carrying some long pipe and, granted, it was new to him and he may have been carrying it wrong. However – it was not helpful in the least for someone to scream at him to watch how he was carrying the load, because Ryan felt obliged to answer. In doing so, he turned his head, from the neck and shoulders and, in turn, smashed the pipe into a bunch of standing windows. Seriously, that could have happened to anyone.

Ryan is the kind of kid who would feel impolite if he didn't answer, but he also wanted to try to prove he could do it on his own. After another mishap, he walked off the job. The last we saw of him, Joel was knocking on his door while he downed some pills and drank a beer.

I don't expect he'll go to extremes and try to off himself, but he was definitely trying to dull the pain of feeling worthless. It's a really easy trap to fall into and I hope he thinks things through and shows back up at the site, asking for a second chance.

Mark and Sarah: Was this the last we've seen of Mark as part of the Braverman family? Even after finding Sarah and Hank drunk hanging on each other for support, he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. That is, until he spoke with Hank and Hank spilled the beans about the weekend being a bogus business trip.

Mark understood when Sarah needed to help Seth, as he was the father of her children. But Hank? He was nothing to Sarah. To choose a weekend of helping Hank over one Mark and Sarah had planned for months was the ultimate betrayal, and Mark broke things off with Sarah. Sarah will have to go home with her tail between her legs, to Camille and a Christmas photo with Mark in it before the holiday even arrives.

The only good that can come of this development is if Sarah does indeed move back into the garage, we'll get to see more of Zeek and Camille and that's never a bad thing. I've missed them. There hasn't been a lot of need for them since she's left the nest. I suppose it's either Mark or Zeek and Camille.

One thing I think we learned during the weekend. If there was a spark at one time between Sarah and Hank, it seems to be waning. By treating Mark so poorly, Sarah ruined any of the fun there was to be had with she and Hank. I don't see how her story can have a happy ending at this point.

What were your favorite parts of the episode? Sound off in the comments!


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Where do I start in my comments. So much to say and so little space. First, why did Julia have to go and get herself a son who is almost as miserable as Max? As if we don't have one problematic boy on the show, for Julia to get another? And yet the sweetest boy child of all, we hardly ever get to see (Crosby's son). Go figure. I might have to pause and write in blocks. I wish Julia isn't always trying to see how she could please Victor. He's a brat and she did put her foot down once, but then she got soft again. Bribery? I can understand Krystina's decision to bribe Max. Nothing else would work with him. But Victor is a "normal" kid and I wasn't bribing him. Stronger measures would have been taken with him if it were me.


Too much over dramatic license is being taken with the breast cancer story line. First, not every cancer patient gets a port when she has chemo (comments to the contrary). I had breast cancer 4.5 years ago -- with chemo and radiation at a major Philadelpia hospital. I was not terribly sick, though I did lose my appetite along with my hair. Several friends had breast cancer at before/the same time. Obviously, everyone is different, but no one was sick enough to resort to smoking dope -- not that I disapprove of that. It's this is not an accurate portrayal of our chemo experience. We were sick, we couldn't eat, we lost our hair -- but we survived. Please stop showing the worst case scenario. Thank you.


I was so sad to see Sarah shoot herself in the foot in this episode, as Lauren Graham is one of my all-time favorite actresses...she was just brilliant in Gilmore Girls, and I don't understand why she's such an idiot on Parenthood. Her character never seems to get it right, and by going off with that sad-sack Hank instead of spending time with her young, hot fiance, she effectively destroyed the relationship, like Mark said, she has a destructive streak. She can't even seem to communicate with her son effectively. Then there is that brat Victor, on whom Julia lavishes attention, only to get smacked in the face by this kids awful attitude and behavior. The only couple I still like on this show are Amber and Ryan, whom I hope will stay together, because I love them together. And I hope that beast of a neighbor moves away from the Luncheonette


This has really been an emotional season for the Braverman Clan and their audience! Sarah is sabotaging her relationship with Mark no surprise there! Not hard to see that Hank won't be any different than Seth, just another downer! Amber walking in Mama's footsteps with Ryan who I hope is a keeper!
Julia makes an irritating housewife, Joel was so much better in that role! I loved her arrival to Kristina's for parental advice, she didn't miss a beat taking and using it even though a very stoned 'expert' gave her questionable info! Isn't it well known that high sugar intake and any form of Autism is a trigger for manic behavior! Julia would have done better sitting down and ' relaxing' with her Sister in law. After a few hits she might come up with a real solution to Victor's problems, A Relaxed Mom!
Crosby is Crosby that's why we love this show! If he would grow up too much what fun would that be Adam! I totally enjoy the Luncheonette scenes, whoever would have thought I'd walk away from a TV show liking Ceilo Green! Love that the music lives on because the neighbors took the time to say what it meant to them! Maybe the crabby neighbor lady will meet Tommy Lee in the Alley and forget where she parked her car!
The previews for next week show Kristina near death! Thanks to the writers we can all have a depressing holiday season waiting to see if she lives! Which of course she will!


Could someone please explain to me what Sarah is trying to do by helping Hank and ignoring her fiance? Seems like splitsville.


A pretty good episode. The reviewer is wrong about Ryan and the pipe. Actually, the pipe thing was his fault regardless of what anyone said to him while he was carrying it because they told him to wait for someone to help him with the pipe and he chose to try to carry it himself instead of waiting for someone else as instructed. Not sure what they are trying to do with his character. He's like Seth 2.0. So now Amber is going to fall into the same mess that her mother got herself into? Why do they insist upon turning every Amber storyline into some torturous exercise? Wish they'd let her just be happy for a few weeks.

Sarah silva

I really hope Christina survives.

Sarah silva

This was another stellar episode!
As always I laughed and cried.
Personally I do not think Crosby did anything wrong, well besides urinating in the alley. He did try to make amends last week and she was not having it then Adam tried to reason with her and she was still super rude! I am glad that in the end the other residents came out to support the Lucheonette.
I really like Ryan and I wanted to yell at the idiots on the job site and tell them to leave him alone! I really hope he does not try to end his life. He is super sweet and funny and I love him and Amber.
Sarah is so stupid! She used to be one of my favorites but the way she is treating Mark is awful. I love Jason Ritter but sadly I think he is nearing his run on the show.
I feel bad for Julia, I am sure Victor had a hard life but he is a brat, he should know by now that he lucked out with them and they love him and will not disown him and she should try and change.
I think next week will be an emotional hour, I really hope Christina survives!


god I love this show! it's so beautiful. jason ritter was fantastic in this episode.

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