Rizzoli & Isles Season Finale Review: Another Day at the Office Collapse

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"No More Drama In My Life" featured nothing but drama for both Jane and Maura - and things only look like they'll get more complicated next season...

A Building Collapse

Maura's New Family…if you can call it that. I'm really torn over what to feel about Dr. Hope Martin.

I couldn't imagine the emotional turmoil of being told your baby died, only to find out decades later that wasn't the case. Knowing you've lost all of that time with your own child must be devastating.

But it's been a long time since we've seen Hope. Her last appearance was in "Money Maker", which was about half way through the Rizzoli & Isles season 3 summer run. 

So when she finally waltzed back in to Maura's life after having said she never wanted to see her again and asked for her kidney, it was hard not to feel what Jane did when she told Maura in this Rizzoli & Isles quote...

Maura: She said I wasn't her daughter.
Jane: But then she remembered she needed your kidney for her real daughter, Kaylin. | permalink

What hurt the most was that Maura was fairly sure Hope wouldn't have been begging Kaylin to donate her kidney if the tables were turned.

But Maura's a better person than that, which was why she not only agreed to donate her kidney, but also wanted to keep it a secret from her half sister.

Jane's Love Life…is on hold as usual. This poor woman can't catch a break. Thankfully, Maura convinced her to go talk to Casey before his surgery. She may not have liked the answers but at least she now knows the truth as Casey told her:

 I can't live without being able to feel you. | permalink

If there was any doubt in his mind about the risky surgery, I'm sure it disappeared the moment Jane said she couldn't wait for him in her moment of crisis.

The Building Collapse…was a decent, if not spectacular, season finale disaster. Obviously there are some things that shouldn't be recycled and concrete is one of them.

It was obvious what was about to occur the moment Frost, Tommy and TJ set foot in that parking garage. I really expected the threesome to acquire more injuries but the special effects that showed the cracks across the building were pretty cool.

Will Casey survive his surgery? Will he and Jane reunite for real? Will Maura reconnect with her biological family or simply drop off a kidney and move on? And will Tommy get rich from his lawsuit against the building developer and marry Lydia?  Tune in next summer to find out.


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And which idiot thought that having Maura and Jane go into an unstable tunnel without helmets was in ANY way a smart idea? it really bugs me how unrealistic these shows are sometimes! Or having 2 pathologists do field triage - it would never happen on Storrow Drive! If something catastrophic happened there, this area would be literally swimming of all the passerby medical personnel from all the Harvard hospitals nearby...


Somebody get a hold of NCIS and tell them THIS is how you do a season finale that invloes a building being blow up


"I can't live without being able to feel you." Nothing romantic about that line at all. Hopefully, Jane will come to her senses and finally let that creep go. Next season should focus more on the crimes.


It was VERY obvious that something catastrophic - most likely a building collapse - would happen as soon as Frost, Tommy and TJ went there (and more so after Frost said what can go wrong? I'm only going to be here a few minutes - or something to that effect). Given how Casey's kept Jane at arm's length, her slip wasn't surprising. I would guess they're going to get him out of the way before too long, one way or another, so she can eventually marry Gabriel, as in the books (of course, then her mother would have to marry Korsak). And speaking of Angela, that business with having Tommy bring over the baby for her to hold while telling Maura's mother that what she was doing was right was both superfluous and irritating.

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