Scandal Interview with Kerry Washington: You Ask the Questions!

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Attention TV Fanatics, Gladiators, and regular fans of Scandal: Do you have a burning question for Scandal star, Kerry Washington? A question like "Who shot Fitz?" perhaps?

Scandal's stars have gone on record crediting the online fan interaction with much of the show's success, so we here at TV Fanatic want to keep that alive.

Now's your chance to ask Kerry Washington anything in a first-of-its-kind TV Fanatic interview!

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How can you join in on this opportunity to interview Olivia Pope herself? Simple.

  1. Log in or register with TV Fanatic. Only questions from registered users will be considered.
  2. Leave your question(s) for Kerry Washington in the comments of this post.

It's as easy as that! You have until 5:00 p.m. EST to leave your questions for Kerry! Then come back tomorrow to see if your question was answered and get ready to learn the fate of Fitzgerald Grant on Thursday's all-new episode.

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Hi Kerry! Thank you for doing this and always live tweeting. 1) First of all, WHEN DO YOU SLEEP?! Or are you just one of those people who don't require a lot? Seriously. I get tired just reading about how busy you are! :) 2) WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR IN BEING OP??--on and off screen. - @miss_olympic

Miranda wicker

Hey @Overthinking--Those are awesome questions! Please make sure you're registered so I can include them in the interview with Kerry! We won't spam you! Promise!


Hello Ms. Washington, Some roles you’ve played during your career; in some eyes maybe considered risky. Others roles the characters were strong and self-assured women. Could OP character be similar in personality or mannerism of any of your past characters?


Hi Kerry! First off thanks for doing this. I'm a huge fan of yours; one of the things I enjoy most about you is listening to you give speak, because you are clearly a very intelligent and well read woman and it comes across both in your interviews and the characters you play. I'm one of your Gladiators in a Suit, so all of my questions are Scandal related: 1. In what ways are you alike and different from Olivia Pope? 2. I know you can't tell us, but are there plans (preferably sooner rather than later) for us to learn about Olivia's family? Olivia is the main character, but we know the least about her. 3. Are there any plans for Olivia to get a friend? Honestly, she needs a confidant right now. She needs a good friend (not Abby, who I find to be too judgmental) or a sister or a first cousin or something! 4. Are we going to find out (again, preferably sooner rather than later) why Olivia thinks everything can be fixed? Was Olivia previously in a situation that required someone to fix her so now she pays it forward? 4. This is your first time being a regular on a TV show; do you like it? 5. I love the fact that both you and the cast are heavily involved with social media and I think your involvement has increased the success of the show. Who's idea was it to do weekly live tweets and to actively engage your Twitter Gladiators? Thank you so much, Kerry!


Hi Kerry, Olivia parts her hair on the left, but you part yours on the right. Tell us about that style choice for your character.


Thanks Miranda & TV fanatic for arranging this. Kerry you rock!!! Cyrus is such a complicated and hard to read character but I am totally fascinated by him. My questions are; (1) Does Olivia consider Cyrus a friend or a foe? (2) How does Cyrus really feel about the scandalous relationship between Fitz and Olivia?


Kerry -
You have fantastic style, we've seen your red carpet looks. And Olivia Pope is quickly becoming a fashion icon herself. Is there anything "style wise" that you have brought to the character or that you have borrowed from the character? I keep making the joke on Twitter that there should be a "ScandalBarbie" to dress in those fabulous clothes and exquisite accessories! Thanks for making such a great show! Much love and blessings :) @Labgal99


Hi Kerry! Will we learn more about the history of Olivia & Edison and Olivia & Verna? Where did she work before the White House and OPA? Also, where did Olivia go to school? For some reason, I imagine that she attended the best school in the land--Howard University!


Hi Kerry! I have seen every movie that you have done and your growth as an actress is phenomenal. Is there a certain role or part that you would want to do that has not been presented to you? And do you think you will ever direct a film in the future?
I have such great respect for you and pray for you often to remain the great "down to earth" person that you are. :)
stay faithful to the craft!


Hey Kerry, first off you are SO beautiful, articulate, and such an inspiration to me. I love you!! 1. What's Olivia Pope's family like? When will we get to meet her mom, dad, sister(s), brother(s)??? I'm assuming her family is really jacked up for her to be so closed off and her need to try to fix every thing. 2. Will Olivia and Mellie ever be friends? 3. Who's Olivia's best friend? Fitz, Huck, or Stephen? 4. Why did Olivia save Quinn?

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