Scandal Interview with Kerry Washington: You Ask the Questions!

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Attention TV Fanatics, Gladiators, and regular fans of Scandal: Do you have a burning question for Scandal star, Kerry Washington? A question like "Who shot Fitz?" perhaps?

Scandal's stars have gone on record crediting the online fan interaction with much of the show's success, so we here at TV Fanatic want to keep that alive.

Now's your chance to ask Kerry Washington anything in a first-of-its-kind TV Fanatic interview!

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How can you join in on this opportunity to interview Olivia Pope herself? Simple.

  1. Log in or register with TV Fanatic. Only questions from registered users will be considered.
  2. Leave your question(s) for Kerry Washington in the comments of this post.

It's as easy as that! You have until 5:00 p.m. EST to leave your questions for Kerry! Then come back tomorrow to see if your question was answered and get ready to learn the fate of Fitzgerald Grant on Thursday's all-new episode.

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Hi Kerry, 1. Let me start by saying that I love really good actors. What you all do each week on your show makes me feel like I'm stepping into an actor's workshop. One of my favorite Scandal scenes is the moment Olivia realizes that it's her on the tape. Your reaction was simply perfect. Aside from the intimate scenes, which scene (past or upcoming) has been the most challenging for you? 2. In which of your past films do you think you did your best work? Thank you,


1.Apart from the president, does Olivia have any close friends she confides in? 2. Is there hope for Olivia and Fitz in maybe season 4?


Hi Kerry, I love scandal, i always follow you since save the last i think you rock..hope that this is the beginning of a successful life as an actress. My question is, 1. is olivia gonna marry edison? i'm sorry i don't feel him..
do you have family in the show because it's seems like you are alone...not even friends?
and what's your favorite color? Thank you Kerry , you are awesome...


I am so proud of all the recognition and opportunities you are receiving. Totally deserving and I can't wait to see Django on December 25th (which is my birthday). I read somewhere that you studied in India for a year. Please tell us about your experience (why you chose India, location, program, was this for spiritual or acting development, when, what did you learn, how did it help you, etc.). Thanks!


Omg!! So excited!
I have soo many questions to ask, they have been burning up inside me!!
Before I start I would like to say that, I LOVE YOU KERRY WASHINGTON! I am a huge fan of ALL your work!
You are an amazing actress, and a very adaptable actress, you can channel any character or situation easily, with strength and full commitment, this inspires me a lot!!
And yes, I AM A GLADIATOR, just putting it out there! Lol! 1. Where do you find the strength to really commit to your work 150%, despite what may go on around you? Where do you find the strength to continuously out do your self? 2. How is Olivia Pope different from you? And how are you similar? 3. How do you feel about the amazing support you get from your 'GLADIATORS' / ' TeamKerry' ? Does it surprise you? Finally, much love to you miss kerry Washington!
From your long time fan Mulki,


Kerry there are just a million questions I have for you but ill just ask that since Fitz got shot will Olivia profess her love and will they finally just be together even though the circumstances are critical?! Especially the baby being born & the relationship with Eddison?!


From "Our Song" to "Scandal" to "Django", was the transition into doing a series different from filming a movie?


I have so many questions! Firstly:
1. How invested is Olivia in the relationship with Edison? She was shocked that Fitz chose him over the other candidate. Is she moving on or just doing so to fool Fitz and herself? 2. How will she be involved if Edison makes a play for the Presidency as the democratic candidate? 3. What was it like working with James Spader in Boston Legal?


Hey Kerry, let me start off by saying I think you are super talented and a very sweet person. My question is whose your favorite actor and actress in film?

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