The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"

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Last week's Vampire Diaries episode provided plenty of fodder for our Round Table team, as always.

Will Damon set Elena free? Are you buying the sire bond story? Below, Leigh Raines, Carla Day, Steve Marsi and Miranda Wicker join newcomer Alena Chandler delve deeper into "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street."

With another Delena sex scene, more sire bond mysteries and flashbacks on tap, let's get to it!


1. Delena sex scenes thus far on a scale of 1-10 (1 being a cold shower, 10 setting the house on fire):

Carla: 10! That was hot. Now, I get why Delena fans have been clamoring for the couple to get together.

Miranda: 9, because they keep getting interrupted by Stefan and Caroline's whiny conversations about the sire bond.

Alena: 11. I have been waiting for the passion, and it didn't disappoint. They are so hot together!

Leigh: It was so so hot but I'm going with 8. Minus 1 for the way it was cut up with Caroline and Stefan's convo, because who wants to be interrupted during that? And minus another 1 because I could physically hear her nails cutting through the skin on his back drawing blood. However I have no doubt that Ian and Nina's real life sex life is probably a TEN.

Steve: 7.5. Not sounding any alarms just yet, but certainly fiery enough for me to make sure my homeowner's insurance policy provides adequate fire coverage.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

2. Is Caroline justified in her whining?

Carla: She came right up to the point of annoying, but didn't cross it. From a factual point, she's right and as Elena's friend, she has a reason to be concerned. At the same time, her whining didn't help the situation. 

Miranda: No, and I know there are flames coming about this. Tyler was a total jerk when the show started. He's changed. Stefan has been a "cocky ripper douche" within the past year. Both of them have been forgiven for their actions. Damon has changed, too. If Caroline hates Damon because of the way Damon used her as a blood bag when she was human and that's the reason she doesn't want Elena to be with him, then she needs to vocalize that. She needs to stop whining "Damon bad!" and have a conversation.

Alena: Oh Caroline, she just doesn't stop. And she's been one of my favorite vamp's since she was turned, but it drives me crazy how she rags on Damon non-stop but can justify everyone else's actions. There are worse guys in town than Damon (Hello, Klaus!) that she manages to not complain about all the time. Just because she doesn't want to see the good in Damon, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Leigh: I normally love Caroline. In fact she is probably a fave over here at TV Fanatic. I do understand her reasons for disliking Damon, but all of these characters have flaws some worse than others. I wish she'd just try and have a conversation instead of screeching at her. Also it'd be nice to have a sex scene without her complaining intercut with it.

Steve: Since when does a woman have to be justified to start whining about stuff guys do ... am I right ladies??! But seriously now. I don't blame her for harboring ill will towards Damon. How can you not, honestly, given the guy's track record. That said, her opposition was so vehement this week that it felt forced to me at times.

3. Why does Professor Shady... I mean Shane... need 12 Hybrids instead of just 12 humans for his sacrifice?

Carla: That's the question, isn't it? Hybrids haven't been a known creature for long, so why does he want them? My only guess is that sacrificing the Hybrids will provide the ability to rid the world of vampires and werewolves. The evil power would either eliminate them from existence OR more likely tie into the Hunter's Mark and the cure.

Miranda: I'm guessing it has something to do with undoing the magic that entombed the big scary dude he's trying to untomb. Like, only the death of the most unnatural of unnatural beings can get Bonnie to express herself fully. (And I've got a whole rant worked up in my head about the Evil Bonnie just waiting to be unleashed. Maybe I'll leave it in the comments.)

Alena: Who can think about unsired hybrids when there's hot DELENA hooking up happening??? I kid (sort of, not really) I think the 12 unsired Hybrids have something to do with Klaus and whatever ugliness is buried out there that he seems to be plotting on and on about. When the pastor killed himself his note said a greater evil was coming, whatever dark evil magic he's planning on bringing is going to be a total game changer. (But let's hope that it's happening while Damon and Elena are still hooking up. Because, FINALLY!)

Leigh: Noticed in the comments that maybe we should be paying closer attention to the people who were blown up in that house by the pastor. Were there 12? Maybe sacrificing 12 humans didn't do enough for Professor Shane. Maybe unsired hybrids bring more power? Also Miranda's comment about Bonnie "expressing herself" has now put Madonna in my head!

Steve: Leigh and our readers make a great point about the 12 council members. Obviously, the number is not a coincidence, and whatever power he's trying to harness is designed to end vampirism as we know it.

4. How much do you truly believe in the vampire sire bond after everything we've heard?

Carla: I believe in it. Charlotte and her "Literally, every brick" state proved its existence to me.

Miranda: Ergh. Ugh. Bleh. I hate it. Damon says it happens once in a million years and it's happened to him twice in 160? Why was neither Salvatore sired to Katherine? Totally hate it.

Alena: I thought it was all crap until Charlotte. I don't understand how it has happened to Damon twice if it's supposedly so rare? Twice to the same vampire, seems not so rare. My heart started beating faster, and I maybe cheered when Tyler told Elena that it doesn't change feelings. Sure, maybe she's sired, and maybe he'll have to be more careful with what he says to her. But to break her heart, knowing that her feelings are real and her own and true, seems like torture just for the sake of breaking a sire bond.  I hope Damon is selfish and just slams her up against the wall and they have hot vamp sex at the start of next episode. TAKE THAT VAMPIRE SIRE BOND!

Leigh: The vampire sire bond seems less definitive than the hybrid one. I feel like there are loopholes. Charlotte was definitely an extreme case. Elena always had a habit of making her own decisions regardless of pissing off the Salvatores, before she was turned. That said, it's kind of a big annoying roadblock.

Steve: As Alena says, if it happened to Damon so easily twice, how can it also be so rare? And wouldn't some other vampire have tried to dispatch a clingy sired vamp through these means already? As Carla said, I liked that this week better explained it, but it still feels like something of a contrived plot device to me.

5. Is Damon going to set Elena free?

Carla: Yes. He has to for both of them. He won't be happy knowing that she may not be there of her own will. Though, I suspect he will free her in a different way then he did Charlotte. He will find a loophole of sorts that will give her free will without forcing her to forget him forever.

Miranda: I think he will. And I think I'll cry. Why can't he just NOT suggest things to her? I don't need them to talk, you guys. I just need them to have more scenes like the ending of last week and the beginning of this one.

Alena: Clearly, I hope not. I have been waiting for Damon to FINALLY get the girl. If he walks away from her it will break him. After his history with Katherine, I don't think he could survive another devastating heart break (I mean clearly he'd SURVIVE, he's a vampire).

Leigh: Damon loves her enough to try not to be selfish about her, but he also loves her so much that he will try and find a loophole so they can be together. Who's to say that if he releases Elena her feelings will die? It's not like he's going to tell her "don't fall in love with me."

Steve: As Leigh mentioned in her Vampire Diaries review, can't he just order her to do something along the lines of "stop listening to me and following my advice verbatim, but feel free to be incredibly attracted to me still." Best of both worlds if you ask me.

6. Matt and Jeremy were MIA this week. Did you miss them?

Carla: I realized they weren't around, but I didn't miss them. They didn't have anything to add to this particular story. 

Miranda: Matt's growing on me, so yes, I missed him. He and Jeremy must've been pulling doubles at The Grill to pay for that house.

Alena: I didn't so much miss Jeremy, I'm not a big fan of Hunter Jeremy.  But I did miss Matt, I really feel for him.  He is left out of most of the major story lines.  Poor guy.

Leigh: The only character whose presence I always and forever miss is Alaric. Good thing Cult got a premiere date!

Steve: LOL @ Miranda. Those guys have been great this season, and I've enjoyed their storylines more than in the past ... but I admit that I hadn't thought about either until reading this question.


Seriously TVFanatic! You people are limiting people more and more now!!! Stop it! Let us have our say.
4. I believe that bond exists but Charlotte and Elena both have feelings for Damon and that was heightened with Vampirism.
5. I think that Damon will try but with Elena nothing is simple and she will probably be still tied to him in some way. The way I see it Elena won't make a choice, in the series finale the decision will be made when one of the brothers makes the ultimate sacrifice and saves Elena and his brother which will bring them together happily ever after.
6. Did not miss Jeremy that hunter freak. Matt was mildly missed.


1. 11. It was very hot and sexy. Not raunchy or porny. Just amazing. Ian and Nina have amazing chemistry!!! Love them together.
2. Caroline was extremely whiny. She did cross the line. Even if Elena is sired to Damon, Caroline knows that Elena had feelings for Damon and feelings don't just go away. Damon was the first of the two Salvatores and Elena told him in the season 3 finale that had she met him first she would have chose him over Stefan. And that came to pass. Caroline was all high and mighty but she is starting to care and maybe have feelings for Klaus so she should just shut up and let Elena live.
3. Professor Shady has to be Silas or someone that wants this Silas character alive. Killing humans and channeling that power will no doubt be strong but channeling the power of 12 hybrids seems to be a bit stronger.
4. The sire bond exists, obviously but like Nandi and Tyler have said the feelings for that person are heightened. Elena and Charlotte both loved Damon and thus they are equally more attached to him.
5. I think he will try to, but with Elena it won't be that simple and she will still be in his life even if she goes back to Stefan. The way I see it, who Elena ends up will only be decided in the series finale and one of the two will die so the other two can be saved and be together.
6. Did not miss Jeremy but Matt grew on me, even though he shouldn't have any personal stake in these people's lives he does want to be there.


@fortyseven I guess..... But really, when I'm watching the show, I only see them as Elena and Damon, I don't think about the actors much at all.


Felt like adding my two cents, but seeing how biased this round table is...especially about DE and Caroline....its not interesting anymore.


1) 10. I simply muted it as soon as Caroline came on screaming her BS.
2) No she is not. Caroline, if you don't stop - you're going to be my least favorite character after Bonnie. And this is not even because she's not Team Delena.. it's really because she got super annoying and stupid. Caroline - be better!!
3) Maybe hybrids are worth more then humans? Like, if whatever he needs 12 humans for, would be twice as strong with hybrids? O_o I'm rambling, I really have no idea!!
4) I believe it because it's the cop out they wanted. *sigh* they just had to ruin this.
5) Dude, of course not! He needs to be selfish, and completely out of character, so that everyone will hate him, then the sire bond will magically fade, and Elena will be forever mad, and run buck to Smug Stefan. This is bad writing at its worse little darlings, hold on to your hats.
6) I DID. Lovely, lovely boys. Come back bromance!!!


@fayeolivia, it's like we're watching a home movie or a sex tape. It feels like an invasion of privacy.


why does the actors dating make it creepy? :/


1. 1. it's creepy because of the sire bond and the actors are dating.
2. Justified in hating Damon, yes. Justified in loving Stefan no.
3. Release Silas


continue: so yah as rare it is to have a sired vampire I don't find it awkword that he of all people has 2 ladies that got sired to him.


About Damon having a rare phenomenon that happens once in a million years and happenes to him twice in 160 years: I think that Damon is this kind of unfortunate person who had an unloving father, a brother that want to see nothing but his bad side turning down the fact that he has changed and that he became a better man who's capable of good, a women that he loved for a 145 years to know that she didn't care about nothing but herself and only loved Stefan (yes she said she loved them both but when it came down to make a choice she chose Stefan over Damon (2x16 remember?) ), lost every single person he cared about minus Elena and Stefan ( Rose, Andie and lately Alaric.) who fall in love with his brother's girlfriend who when she told him that she feels the same way for him he find out after a couple of hours that she's sired to him and that her feelings might not be real (we know that it's real) so yah as rare it is to have a sired vampire I don't find it awkword that he of all people has 2 ladies that got sired to him.

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