The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Morning After

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The CW has unveiled a new clip from this Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, and it answers the eternal question:

What does a girl look like the morning after hot sex with Damon Salvatore?

Indeed, the following sneak peek (first posted by Zap2It), gives us a look at a frazzled Elena actually attending school for once and running into her pals in the process. Caroline is concerned. Bonnie is oblivious (and defensive when it comes to "Shane") and Elena? She just wants to have a slumber party.

But what is Damon doing in the hallway? And what does he want with Elena? Based on another Vampire Diaries clip from the installment, he'll set out to discover whether she's truly sired to him or not. What might he have in mind?

Enjoy the latest sneak peek now:

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People are mad at Caroline because she was annoying as crap in the last episode not to mention completely hypocritical. Whatever elena is going through is her own battle and Caroline really doesn't have the right to judge or try to guide Elena's feelings. Especially when she's off flirting with psychotic Klaus and treating Tyler, her very own "Stefan", like crap. I don't get why people like Klaus and Caroline so much Klaus is creepy and the things he has done are beyond unforgivable. He offs his own family members off all the time how could you ever trust someone like that? And as for Damon and Elena for being horrible people for doing it right after her and Stefan broke up... Has everyone forgotten the Stefan Katherine damon triangle? She used to sleep with them both in the same day, they both knew and both continued hooking up with her. They clearly have a strange brother relationship with no boundaries, Stefan would have done the same thing to Damon in a heartbeat. And personally, this is the first season where I have liked Elena. And not just because she's hooking up with Damon. For once, she's interesting, she has faults. She's no longer this angelic innocent thing everyone has to protect-- even though Stefan is still treating her that way. That's why she can't connect with him as a vampire anymore, sired or not. When tyler was sired to Klaus he still lovednCaroline. elena being sired to damon wouldn't affect her love for Stefan. Her love for Stefan has been affected because he could only love her as this innocent, damsel in distress. Stefan is the most selfish person on the show right now... Like he is really willing to sacrifice Jeremy just so he can have Elena human again? Guess what if she's a human and her brother ends up dead, she's going to end up a screwed up human who will never be able to love the person responsible for her brothers loss of humanity again. Stefan is actually a moron. And I love how he's so quick to give the cure to Elena. Doesn't even consider that maybe he or his brother would want it. It just automatically goes to Elena no questions asked, which will result n Klaus using her as a human blood bank and she will still never be free from this dark life Stefan pushed her into. Elena can never escape. Give the cure to someone who can-- maybe Caroline?


I love Caroline. Don't think all Delena fans hate her right now coz I don't! The voiceover was admittedly a bit annoying, but she is trying to be a good friend and do what she thinks is right. But I'm still glad we get to see Damon and Elena together at least for a little while :) Because who wouldn't want more shirtless Damon on their TV screen?

David and sabrina 2014

I hate when they keep mentioning the previous episode. I don't want to hear another word because that episode is still THE WORST ONE YET!!!!!! When she heads off to school,Caroline will probably be disappointed with her and Bonnie will probably want to know what happened throughout the entire time she has been gone. I'm not sure what Damon is doing in the hallway but he's annoying me and if Stefan is at school too,he'll probably be disappointed and heartbroken. I wonder what we'll see for the next episode. X(


I'm so glad that Elena and Damon might finally be together. I've been waiting for this for so long. In my opinion they are perfect for each other. They seem so much happier when they are together. Besides lets face it Damon is the better guy. I mean Stefan can't even accept that his girlfriend is a vampire now. Instead of loving Elena for who she is now, he tries to change her. And he risks her and Jeremy's life. He wants the old Elena back and doesn't care that he might destroy Jeremy along the way. I used to like Stefan but now he just annoys me.


And i'm sick of Damons ass being put on this mighty high pedestal! Damon is a terrible messed up character! The second worse next to Elena. He and Elena (along with Stefan) can go burn and disintergrate in the sun for all i care!


I'm sick of Elena! Her and Damon are not "magical"- they're fucked up! You don't break up with your boyfriend only to screw his brother less than 72 hours later! "sire bond" or no sire bond (which is just another stupid plot device/retcon with a really HUGE plot hole created by this shows incompatant writers to further a love triangle that nobody cares about) And get your ex kicked out of his own house! I dont blame Caroline because she is right! I'm sick of Elena and her "poor me" crap! I'm sick of her suffering no consequences for her actions, theres always some excuse. I'm sick of all the characters on this show still suffering because of Elena! It's ridiculous, tedious and at this point, just PLAIN BAD WRITING!

Tvd fan rheanne

okay everyone ELenasalvawhore ?? -- really caling her names b'cause she's in love with damon instead of stefan? really? cause thts sooo mature -- Caroline-- people dont like her proably b'causeshes always in other peoples buisness and thinks shes always right i mean " damons sleezy, keniving, manipulative but hes never right hes damon " (Or something like that) Damon is right more often then caroline,elena or stefan jeremy-- coocoo jeremys a little loopy and stefans making it worth stefan--- i cant belive how selfish he is, he only wants to cure her for him b'cause she handles being a vamp better than him and she so much maturer than when she wwas human Damon-- damon was honest, sweet and elena or him never kicked stefan out stefan was being immature and sookey damon was just trying to help elena and it was soo sweet when elena said "you" and he's face just lit up. and when he said to elena "i've never seen you more Alive" :) Damon has saven elena from Claus, Stefan, Elija... and he has protected her and risked his life for her plus he did everything he could to get stefan back for her. he finally gets to feel LOVE True LOVE and this sire bond comes along because caroline dosnt like damon and stefan is jelouse cause he lost the girl who he tried to kill and let die. doman deseves to be in love


Caroline and elena will work things out as soon as Elena calls her out on her feelings for klaus. If Caroline can forgive klaus all his evil, I see no reason she couldn't do the same for Damon.
Honestly it's all a little ridiculous- Caroline falling for klaus, Elena's siring to Damon, kicking Stefan out of his own home- so I've stopped looking for logic and reason behind any of the characters actions.


[b]Exactly Jadelena! I hate that bitch Caroline and her snarky comments. She have always been jealous of Elena because almost everyone falls in love with her (Matt,Stefan,Damon) and no one is interested in her ass[/b] Aww someone's mad that Caroline called Whorelena out on her despicable behavior. No one's interested in Caroline? Hmmm...she caught Klaus and Tyler's interest. Elena gets whipped rapist Damon and boring Stefan.


LOL, omg this is entertaining.
In real life relationships the banging your ex-boyfriend's brother days after the break up (and nobody ever stated that it was the day after) Is a tool thing to do. But this is a tv show, lines of morality get crossed with no repercussions. However, Stefan knew it was over just as much as Elena did and it wasn't just because she needed a comforting shoulder to cry on that she jumped his bones, she loves Damon too. And another point they aren't telling anybody as far as I can gather, maybe they will use the approach to take things slow.
As for Caroline every right to hate Damon. People are hating on her because she unnecessarily voiced over the sex scene we have being what 4 seasons for.

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