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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Morning After

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The CW has unveiled a new clip from this Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, and it answers the eternal question:

What does a girl look like the morning after hot sex with Damon Salvatore?

Indeed, the following sneak peek (first posted by Zap2It), gives us a look at a frazzled Elena actually attending school for once and running into her pals in the process. Caroline is concerned. Bonnie is oblivious (and defensive when it comes to "Shane") and Elena? She just wants to have a slumber party.

But what is Damon doing in the hallway? And what does he want with Elena? Based on another Vampire Diaries clip from the installment, he'll set out to discover whether she's truly sired to him or not. What might he have in mind?

Enjoy the latest sneak peek now:

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Exactly Jadelena! I hate that bitch Caroline and her snarky comments. She have always been jealous of Elena because almost everyone falls in love with her (Matt,Stefan,Damon) and no one is interested in her ass


"their place is now mine too"- LOL, yeah Elena just don't forget to put the "this is whore house" sign outside...


I'm so excited for this episode :D


Elena looks like she's really got it together for a change. Bravo! A night of passion with Damon really did her some good. She's not worrying, not feeling guilty, just acting like an adult. Her brother's trying to kill her? Oh well. Matt's with him, so let's have a girl's night. And I love the carefree hairstyle, both up and down. Caroline is just being a brat. What a reversal for these two.