TNT Cancels Leverage, Sets Series Finale for Christmas Night

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It won't be the sort of merry Christmas Leverage fans were hoping for: TNT has made the announcement that this Tuesday's Season 5 finale of the Timothy Hutton-anchored hit will serve as a series finale.

Nate Leaves Parker Behind

Said a network rep via statement:

Leverage has thrilled audiences with its delightfully intricate plots, its stand up for the little guy attitude and its terrific performances 
from stars Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge. But after five wonderful years, it’s time to say goodbye. Leverage will come to a close on Christmas at 9 pm, with a series finale that stands as one of the show’s best episodes… We want to thank the passionately devoted fans… who have been the driving force behind its success.”

The cancelation does not come as a shock to creator Dean Devlin.

In an exclusive TV Fanatic interview, Devlin discussed the possible end of this era and how he framed the upcoming episode to serve as a series finale if need be.

Tune in to "The Long Goodbye Job" at 10/9c on December 25 and visit TV Fanatic soon afterward for our extensive review.

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We all should come together and pressure TNT to continue producing Leverage. Bunch of idiots
Up there


It's official, as well as unanimous that not only that TNT is making an egregious error, but also that "Leverage" should continue and to evolve. It's a shame that when really good shows get created, they're awash after four or five seasons, and that mediocre shows gets longer run times.
Realizing that my view of good shows probably differ radically from others, I can only say that TNT joins Fox and others as another entity making the mistake of cancelling a really good show.
My compliments to Dean Devlin, Chris Downey and Jon Rogers for coming as close to creating the perfect vehicle for people such as myself for escaping (at least temporarily) the reality of the many injustices that permeates this society.
I will miss my personal version of the "fab five" their exploits, friends (and foes) in short, almost everything about them. So, I'm defecting from TNT to CBS because "Person of Interest" was my back-up plan if (and I now realize that it is a very likely event ) "Leverage" was to be cancelled.It might not happen, but if they have a change of heart, and Leverage becomes a "phoenix" of sorts, then I'll return. Totally loved the finale!


what a real shame you stopped making leverage its a great show ,3million veiwers isn't enough how about overseas shows like this one has an appeal to a bigger viewer base come on guys keep it going


Hutton is already an established actor and I'm sure he will find other good projects soon, screen and tube. In the last five years the other main cast members Bellman, Kane, Riesgraf and Hodge have become household names internationally and I hope they continue onto greater things.


I can't believe this!!! HUGE MISTAKE!!! For the last five years this has been one of my favorite shows!!! They need to continue this show and get rid of all the reruns of the mentalist! This show and rizzoli and Isles are the only shows I watch on this channel so it looks like TNT will be out of my channels to watch but for 1 hr.... oh well TNT's loss


As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end; that would explain why every day there is more and more reality trash and anything that remotely resembles entertainment, has some sort of plot, has a fabulous ensemble cast and heart goes bye bye! Very sad Indeed.


PLEASE consider bringing this show back either in total, or as a spin-off, as you did with your wonderfully successful spinoff of the Closer. I have so enjoyed watching Leverage, and will sorely miss it!!!
I never thought anyone could replace the star of Closer, but they did - and very interetingly so. The characters on Leverage are so very talented and play so well together, it's a crying shame to let them go. PLEASE RECONSIDER.


yesterday episode of leverage was the best i was enjoying it from beginning to end.


Really enjoyed the finale. I will miss this show. One of my favs. The cast & writers were great. Think u are making a mistake TNT.


What a shame!!! I love this show and I am not alone. Why does it have to end. First The Closer now this. What's the deal tnt?