Year in Review: Funniest Show of 2012

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Happy holidays, TV Fanatics, and welcome to another edition of a staff Round Table.

After debating the Best Character of 2012 - along with Best Episode, Best Male Performance, Best Female PerformanceBest Couple, Best Villain, Best Feud and Best New Show - it's time to turn our attention to the sitcoms and answer the following query:

What was the funniest show of 2012?

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Kate Brooks: Happy Endings.

Gabrielle Moss: Bob's Burgers. If you're a fan of classic Simpsons-style wit, or a fan of alternative comedy (everyone from Sarah Silverman to Zach Galifianakis has done a guest voice), there is just no reason to sleep on this gem of a show.

Dan Forcella: It may go downhill without Dan Harmon, but for 2012 Community was the best comedy on television. The funniest and the most thought provoking.

Nick McHatton: Cougar Town.

Jess Needs a Distraction
Penny's Concussion Issue

Christine Orlando: Modern Family. From Jay to Luke, every generation is smart and I truly laugh with every episode.

Lisa Palmer: Girls. There's nothing remotely like it on television. Close second place goes to Parks and Recreation.

Leigh Raines: Happy Endings/New Girl tie. The actors are so underrated and at least New Girl is getting some recognition... but where is the love for Happy Endings?

Jim Garner: The Big Bang Theory. Look no further than this this Big Bang Theory clip for a great example of why this show is so awesome.

Chandel Charles: Psych. Not a single episode goes by that I'm not laughing every few minutes. The writers on that show are genius.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What was the funniest show of 2012?


It's Always sunny?????

Sue ann

@ SnakeTheCritic The Big Bang Theory has a studio audience, not a laugh track.


Funniest Show of 2012 1. Raising Hope 2. Awkward
3. Modern Family
4. Wilfred and Californication Although I'm biased as I really don't watch shows with laugh tracks. So HIMYM, TBBT,and 2BG don't get a fair shake with me. New Girl - is awful, at least for me. Girls - like SNL gets away with being mediocre at best.


Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory.. I voted for the second one but both are funny.




WHITNEY! Its omg funny. Its real situations made funny. Truly an under rated gem! I hope it gets a season 3!


I voted Big Bang Theory but honorable mentions are two new shows: Go On and Ben & Kate are both hilarious! I lol every show. Still loving:
Parks & Rec
Modern Family


my heart will always lie with How i met your mother


Girls, Community, Parks & Recreation, and Veep


I love parks and rec but the league has been hilarious this season.

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