Beauty and the Beast Review: The Red Haired Beauty

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This is television. I shouldn't be this angry, but considering my excitement for a new installment of Beauty and the Beast building what happened had both me AND Vincent "Seeing Red."

The winter finale, "Bridesmaids Up!," was so beautiful and highlighted what potential there was for a love affair between Cat and Vincent. Even though Evan discovered Vincent's DNA was changing rapidly, more toward the animal side than human, Cat was going to dive in and give herself to Vincent. One car accident later and she's being nursed back to health by his former fiance.

Say what???

Cat's True Feelings

Vincent has a specific taste in women, doesn't he? Alex looks enough like Alex that they could be sisters. Briefly watching the commercials for the episode, I genuinely thought Cat was screaming Vincent's name, with a different hair color, as if in a dream or something. Hell, she was just in an accident, it didn't seem so out of reach. Instead it was Vincent's ex. That, my friends, is a type!

It was really uncool, and completely out of character, that Vincent lied to both Cat and Alex about his relationship with each. Telling Cat that Alex was a friend and Alex that Cat was his handler would only come back to bite him in the ass. Did he forget he was in love with a detective? Finding his past in a shoebox in a stranger's closet was a painful and cruel way for Cat to stumble across the truth.

Was telling Alex about Cat the most difficult thing Vincent ever had to do? Telling her about a secret experiment and a group hunting him down wasn't enough to throw off the woman he was supposed to marry? That was a huge disappointment to me. If he had lied only to Alex, that would be one thing, but he lied to Cat. After everything she had put on the line to protect him, it was unacceptable.

Even when Vincent was 'saving' Alex from what turned out to be an ordinary stalker (another bummer - it wasn't even Meerfield), I didn't feel Vincent was being a hero. Yes, the guy was a creep, freak and a weirdo, but it wasn't Vincent's place to use his beast to kill him. He could have retained him just as easily. It only made him feel good and left more unexplained crap that Cat would have to deal with and try to explain away, but this time she didn't get to walk away with the guy on her arm.

We can top that off with Vincent appearing at her window without even an apology for lying about who Alex was to him before accusing Cat of using Alex as an excuse to get between them. Seriously? Pick your battles, 'Vince.' That was not the right time to point out Cat's penchant for bad boys and hold yourself up as the ultimate and make puppy eyes about her running away from commitment at a slight, because the news she received was huge!

The only one in that conversation who wasn't being honest was Vincent. Just like he ran away from Alex when Meerfield was after him, he was running away from her again, but using Cat as an excuse.

Their relationship never had a proper ending. It would have been hard enough putting himself fully into a new one with Cat if he had never seen Alex again, but there she was - waiting, ready and on the inside of his secret. Granted, she didn't know the beast, but he told her enough (quickly) that the loss of her in his life was painfully obvious.

I don't blame him for being happy to see the woman he was intending to marry, but I really dislike the way he treated Cat from the moment he saw Alex from the escalator. If you imagine Cat at the top and Alex at the bottom, Vincent was walking at a normal pace back up the down escalator - pretty much going nowhere, but slowly being drawn back to Alex.

Which brings me to the other obvious point. With Vincent's questionable state of affairs, will Cat revisit her interest in Evan? It was unclear whether Heather and Evan were going to be involved or not, but it was definitely clear Evan still holds Cat in the highest regard.

Evan recognized that the beast saved Cat from the car before he rushed in and saved her medially at the scene of the accident. He didn't admit to Cat what he saw, but going to J.T. at the end showed how concerned he was about the creature and her safety. If he's still in the diagnostic phase, at least he's not out to kill it. Did we know J.T. wrote a book on DNA cross mutilation? I loved how he tried to play it off on cashing in on Dolly the sheep. Not so fast!

The good thing about a possible partnership with J.T. is that he could talk Evan off the ledge of the more drastic theories he might posture, and steer him toward what he actually knows about Vincent. I'm still getting a good vibe about Evan being involved, but I think if he does realize who the subject is and his connection to Cat, his acceptance will be with reluctance. He'll want an arm's length approach and will distrust Vincent immensely until he proves himself.

That's where I stand this week. Deep in the weeds of a fool's paradise. I know you'll have a lot to get out. What color are YOU seeing? In the meantime, we've started tracking the music from each episode (never a letdown - well done!) so check out the Beauty and the Beast music section.


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ok am I the only one who saw cats eyes turn yellow when she was being rushed to the hospital whats up with that? just to let you know im alittle behind on the series im watching it on Netflix im on season 1 epiode 19 so in those nine episodes they showed nothing so far on why she had yellow eyes this has been whats bugging me


Just went on to Amazon and sent my book in. Wow, it couldn't have been any simpler, five minutes of my time, and $12 from Canada straight (hopefully) to Mark Pedowitz at CW. I pay that much to go and see a movie, so it's a small price to pay for a second season of BATB! I was being kinda lazy about it but finally decided that for someone who loves the show as much as I do, and for someone who will be crushed if it is not renewed, I had to get off my lazy butt and actually do something about it.
It really was a no brainer, so I hope everyone else will take that little bit of time and send something off. Seriously, why wouldn't you? Just sit down at your computer, spend about 5 minutes of your time and boom! Its done...


Don't forget, after watching this episode, to remember who Vincent has been watching over from the safe distance of rooftops for the last 9 years - it wasn't Alex....who has he cared more about?????
It must be love.


Think another point to make would be how the writers altered the beginning of this episode from the ending of the last. At the end of the midseason finale Evan saw Vincent with Cat in his arms, whilst Evan was outside the car; whereas this episode showed Vincent putting Cat down before Evan was out of the car. Bad continuity but more importantly alters what we were made to believe Evan saw.


I just finished watching the episode and i have one thing to say: Bad, bad writing. -scene no1, Evan and Cat's sister rush to help Cat totally IGNORING the other victims of the crash, he didn't even get their pulse, they're not ever mentioned through the episode. -Awful presentation of Alex.she seemed frail and wimpy to me,clingy to the past and quick on the sharing.-what's up with Vincents highschool douchebag attitude?And did he have to kill the creeper?-Poor Cat, more mess for her to sort out. ouf


I think the fans are over reacting a bit.I mean ofcourse every single one of us who watches BATB is basically a Vincat shipper and want nothing more but Vincent and Catherine,but the show is only on the half of it's first season,i mean if Catherine and Vincent(on whom the whole show is based) is together and happy already with no worries than where would be the fun and excitement to eagerly wait for the next episode to see what lays ahead for Catherine and Vincent,will they won't they?
Remember the show is called "Beauty and the Beast" and even a fool would know it's about Catherine and Vincent's love story,no matter what it's them being together in the end.Again it would be too soon to already have them in a relationship,whilst we don't even know anything about Vincent's past,who he was and how was his life before all this happened.So his ex showing up is a good thing for the show as well as for the viewers,we would know about Vincent's previous life.Which widens the scope of the story of the show.
For me it's more like both Vincent and Alex wanting a closure rather than them still being in love.Alex doesn't even know the first thing about this Vincent,the Vincent she knew is dead so only a fool would would believe for Alex to be any kinda threat to Vincent and Catherine's relationship.Honestly these things are making Vincent and Catherine's relationship even stronger.They know how they feel for each other,but it's complicated and if they're to jump in and be together,they need to know more about each other and their relationship should be strong enough to survive anything that comes their way.
So basically what i'm saying is that as much as i want Catherine and Vincent to be together already,i am not annoyed with writers at all,i think so far they're doing a wonderful job,i would rather wait for the right moment for them to be together than rush things.


SC - The name of the song at the end of 1.09 and at the beginning of 1.10 is called "To Be Torn" and is sung by Kyla La Grange. Isn't it haunting? Available on iTunes. ;)


Why do I feel so let down by the last episode?? For the first time I did not watch last evenings rerun.


I loved this episode, although it was heartbreaking to see Catherine's face when she saw Vincent and Alex together. However seeing Alex again had to have been hard for Vincent, after all they were in love at one time and had quite a history, so I was not surprised he acted and lied like he did. I don't know why everyone wants him to be with Cat right away, what then? I prefer the waiting, something to look forward to, much more interesting. He wasn't really a jerk, he was just a guy in a very difficult situation. Cat did the right thing in pushing him away, he needs to find out what his feelings really are, like the poor guy doesn't have enough problems with his beastly side.


I like Vincent and Cat together, and I do understand what the writers are trying to do. When you do meet your soul-mate or your person, its never easy. Sometimes it's messy and complicated and never what you thought it would be. To tell you the truth, I'm actually relieved they brought on Vincent's fiance so early in the story because, let's face it, with the rate people are getting hurt on this show they're bound to end up in the hospital. And with Vincent walking around NY all the time, and the fact that he grew up in NY, he was bound to run into someone he knew within a ten year span. I even understand why Vincent lied and why he's not acting like himself. He was in shock after seeing Alex again. My only problem is that I feel like Vincent basically dropped Catherine like a hot potato. He was so concerned for Cat in the beginning, coming to see her in the hospital and make sure she was alright. Any other time, he was so concerned with her getting hurt, but did anyone else see what happened in back hallways while they were looking for Alex? Cat feel to the ground hard (when she was already injured) and Vincent just kicks her her gun and keeps running. Doesn't check with her to make sure she's alright, which-ok fine, he was worried about Alex, but still doesn't ask her if she's ok when he comes to see her at her house later. Hmm...just not sure how I feel about this, but I'm putting my faith in the writers! Hopefully this journey with Alex and Evan being partially brought into this world will be something great to watch!

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