Downton Abbey Season 4 Scoop: Who is Lord Anthony Gillingham?

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MAJOR DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading right now if you wish to remain in the dark about a significant Season 4 plot twist...

Mary in Her Gown

As previously reported, Dan Stevens has left the British sensation, bowing out after the Christmas special that recently aired in England and which left viewers stunned over the death of Matthew Crawley.

But Mary will only be mourning the loss of her husband for so long, TV Line reports, as the series is seeking a good-looking thirty-something actor to come on board as Lord Anthony Gillingham, a character who will debut on Downton Abbey Season 4 and court the new mother.

Moreover, producers are already considering Gillingham to play a role on Season 5. Sounds like things will be getting serious!

The description is rather vague, of course, but got any casting suggestions for Mary's new love interest? Submit them now!

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While MacFayden is an excellent choice I cant discount Eddie Redmayne who would do the job beautifully!


Without a doubt............Matthew Macfayden. He does period drama like no one else, sexy, soothing voice, he did not have to take his shirt off to woo Elizabeth Bennett as Mr. Darcy. If you read USA today.......yesterday, then you will understand completely why there is NO other choice for this role.


Rupert Penry-Jones
Matthew McFadyen
Rufus Sewell

Avatar about Bradley James from Merlin (King Arthur)?


Gerard Butler...


Hugh Dillon or perhaps a quiet guy who earns her love, i.e. Sergio Di Zio???


My list of possibles: Rupert Friend
Henry Cavill
Rupert Penry Jones
Richard Armitage -- An American, Edward Norton, Ben Foster, or for long shot John Krasinski (emily blunt's husband) as a Newport Friend of Cora's mother. A man with old money and a professional, for example an attorney , university professor, diversified businessman. Using an American would give a bit of cultural strife and give the upstairs a bit of shake-up. What new lines Dame Maggie could have.


Some terrific choices, but most of those actors don't do TV shows...


David Mitchell!


Hugh Grant - not 30's but dashing just the same!