Drop Dead Diva: Canceled by Lifetime

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We tried, Drop Dead Diva fans. But despite the pleas of TV Fanatic and creator Josh Berman, Lifetime has canceled this fun drama after four seasons.

Jane Worries

The network made the announcement last night, as the series about a dead model stuck in the body of a larger lawyer made headlines over the years for including such guest stars as Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian. It also possessed one of the more passionate fan bases on television.

But that was not enough to warrant a fifth season, unfortunately.

Sony Pictures TV may still attempt to shop he program elsewhere and we'll keep readers apprised if its status changes.

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This was a terrible decision. I am so disappointed with the Lifetime network. They have clearly lost sight of what they are supposed to be about, the viewers. My Life. My Time? This is such a slap in the face to all the fans who became invested in this wonderful series for 4 seasons. Fans deserve a proper ending and I truly hope another network will pick it up! Leaving us with that cliffhanger ending was just cruel and if that's the kind of network Lifetime is gonna be, than I don't want to support them anymore. They are more concerned about producing reality tv to save a buck, than putting out quality television


This is an outrage! How can you cancel somethingnthat hasn't even been on yet? I've been patiently waiting for the summer season to begin just to see Drop Dead Diva. You guys are just crazy


This was one of the best summer NON REALITY shows, what are the powers that BE thinking?? Brooke Elliot is fantastic, excellent show! Faithful for four seasons and then the network leaves us hanging.


I can't believe this! One of the best shows on TV. Need to get rid of Dance Moms instead. Need to have a finale!!!! At least


Loved the show. Not happy about this. Can we at least get a tv movie to tie up the loose ends?


How can you cancel this show!!! Drop Dead Diva is a great show! Shame on you Sony for not helping this show out. Such great actors! Please let them all know they will be missed! Lifetime network - who makes your decisions anyway?? Drop Dead Diva is a very entertaining creative show! Please bring it back!!!


They cancel this show, but not Army Wives??? Army Wives has been dead for a few season's now!


NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show! And they are going to leave the show the way they left it at the Season Finale. BOOOO LIFETIME!!!!!