Glee Season 5 to Focus on New York City?

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While fans await the return of Glee Season 4 on January 24, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly addressed the long-term future of the show at this week's Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Reilly said he's negotiating right now for a fifth season ("and beyond") with Ryan Murphy and it's possible that 2013-2014 could see the show's focus shift entirely to The Big Apple.

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"I wonder - could it, and should it, naturally move [to New York City]?" Reilly asked, adding that Glee could still follow  a"broad array of characters," if New York becomes the primary location:

"It's like life: You have relationships, you have friends - they go off, their lives go on, and you get together and maybe you maintain a friendship, maybe you lose distance. I think we can do that within this world of people you followed."

Overall, it's unclear what lies ahead, but Reilly seems opportunity to continue to include cast members such as Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and Naya Rivera in some capacity.

"Some of them have moved on to other things or wanted to move on to other things," he said, "but they love the show, and this gives them a chance to come back and do an arc. It would be fun to continue that morphing."

What do YOU think, TV Fanatics? Do you want to see Glee Season 5? And, if so, should it be based on New York, Lima or split between the two?

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The worse thing this show could do his keep on focusing that much on Rachel. I mean, if we still follow the old cast, could we please see more of Quinn, Santana, Mike or Mercedes for exemple? I think that we could give a chance to the newbies because, after all, this show use to be about high school. We can still split the screen time between the old cast (not only Rachel but everyone of them)and the newbies.


This won't work, no way. Not if it's just cantered in NYC.
I MEAN, they'd have to make the newbies all graduate this year (which is unrealistic since some of them are only sophomores, correct?) New York with the originals'd be good for a while, but it'd get way too boring eventually (unless they make the storylines really exciting), but there's no way that'd work. It has to be split. What about following the journey (:P) of the new kids? What's the point of introducing them if their stories are never followed?
I think Glee, on a side note, may be on a bit of a very slow, barely-noticable-but-evident downward spiral.
I've been really enjoying Season 4 but I reay didn't like Sadie Hawkins.
*SPOILER ALERT-READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* I mean, what happened, really?
Blaine has a crush on Sam-big deal.
The only two other good storylines in that episode was the Warblers and Tina/Blaine, which do both have potential, but they were sprung on us super suddenly. Nothing really happened at the Dance-except for the Blina moment which was barley anything. The rest were just old plots with bandaid events from them, really. This ep really didn't tick the boxes for me-I wasn't crying of laughing or held incredible suspense-I just sat there and wondered where the Glee that I once knew and loved had gone. It was like nothing was there...


Ney York, or it will die, new cast is ok, but we love old cast, and we want to see how do they grow up, high school is not forever, do we want a "ER" or do we want a "Friends"? I really love characters like unique but it can happen at New York


Lea Michele's character is freaking boring and annoying. The best parts of Glee have always been the scenes Rachel isn't in. The whole NYC plotline feels tacked on just to give that damn boring character more screen time. Kurt's story was finally getting interesting when he was starting to think that perhaps fashion design was more of a fit for him than theater, but they killed that. Cut the old characters and let's just get back to the high school drama that made the show worthwhile in the first place.


I really like the New York idea and i'd love to see what the writers would do with the new material, I love the old cast the best and I think it would be best to focus on them rather then bring in more new characters, Glee should (in my opinion) stick to its root cast. As much as I love McKinley, I'd rather grow up with the cast then watch them grow from the choir room. I really like the New York scenes and I really can't wait to find out what the future will hold for Blaine there (as he's planning to follow Kurt). I really look forward to Glees future because, to be honest, I'm not ready for it to end! :)


I don't care where it takes place, as long it focuses on the old cast. NY, sure, if it doesn't include Rachel and Kurt ONLY.


I won't watch it, the New York parts are so annoying and feels so fake for me that doesn't make any sense and I love Kurt and I want him to shine but New York suck, and I also think it'll be a really bad move, the ratings are dropped a lot this season, only in the episodes when the old cast members go back to Mckinley are rise back up, I think if they do just NYC and no Mckinley it could be really bad for the show.


New York should have its own series. I hate that we have long for the old and try to learn the new. Separate the two. I would watch both. Then I could focus solely on the new characters and not wish that Finn or Rachel where singing . Also Tina, Artie and the rest have been slighted the show should be more about them notthe New characters.


They need to develope the newbies, jacob artist, becca tobin, melissa benoist and jake blenner are talented people but They need a change . The old cast is Nice, but the serie is on mckinley high, and people come and go, please give them a change! Greetings from a big fan from Holland


If Wemma is in it then yes, but they MUST still be apart of it. They're a very important part of the show.

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