Grey's Anatomy Review: Tears, Fears and Goodbye

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Welcome back, Grey’s Anatomy fan! After an entirely too long hiatus, the docs from Seattle returned with "Things We Said Today," an episode that brought it all:tears, fear, smiles, and laughter.

Let’s discuss now that I have wiped my eyes enough to see...

Happily Ever After...or For Five Minute Increments. The hour picked up right where “Run, Baby, Run” left off. Bailey went to the hospital instead of her wedding to operate on Adele. Would Ben understand being left at the alter? Of course he would, because he is pretty awesome. The wedding is put on hold until Bailey finishes surgery. 

April and Shane

Can we acknowledge for a minute the heartfelt conversation between these two? They understand and are there for each other and there is nothing us loyal viewers want more than Bailey to be happy. The two shared a beautiful wedding and Chandra Wilson has never looked more gorgeous.

Fake Crying = Hilarious. Jo and Alex bonded over their terrible childhoods and even found a way to have fun with each other. These two practice their crying skills and get silly drunk. It is about time we saw Alex laugh again. It has been entirely too long. These two have the build up for what could be an incredible couple. Let’s hope the writers go there and in a very real way. Karev deserves it.

Not Ready...Arizona and Callie have been off beat since the plane crash - and for a good reason. Arizona’s life has completely changed and she has earned the right to be insecure. Looks like there is no reason to worry. By the end of the hour, this pair was back on solid ground. Thankfully.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered. The divorce papers made their way into the hands of Owen and Cristina. Should they divorce? Should they have ever been married in the first place? Who really knows the answer anymore. These two have been an adventure to watch from the get go. But the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. They box each other in with their marriage.

Without that binding, they seem to do okay. With some tears from both Owen and Yang, (yes, I said Yang!), the papers are signed and their marriage is over. Here come the waterworks.

O. Hunt in Action

A Major Loss. We knew it was coming. It had to be sometime soon. That didn’t mean we wanted it. Adele survived Bailey and Mer’s surgery to be able to wake up and be lucid enough to remember her best friend, her husband. The two shared a sweet moment where he promised not to leave her. Not long after, Webber showed up at Bailey’s wedding. Nothing needed to be uttered. His face said it all and that is when the tears start flowing.

The loss of Adele Webber is huge. Loretta Devine has been playing this role to perfection from the start of the series and she will seriously be missed.  

Side Notes:

  • The weekly case was a lot of fun. Some of those injuries were nasty but paid off watching Stewart get brought into the club. 
  • Jackson and Stephanie hooked up! I’m not jealous of her or anything...
  • What will that do to his situation with April?
  • Derek is recovering from surgery.
  • Not sure which relationship I love more...Webber and Bailey or Webber and Mer.

Only Shonda can make you be so happy and smile and then be in tears within seconds. The episode was up to par of early seasons of the series. The entire Grey's Anatomy cast was awesome and the writing was exactly what we expect from this show.

What did you think of “Things We Said Today?” Are you happy Bailey married Ben? How sad is the loss of Adele? Sound off below and let us know. Check out some sweet lines on the Grey's Anatomy quotes page and don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week.

Until next time, Grey’s fans. 


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Fantastic episode. I love Jackson and Stephanie. April was jerking him around too much and honestly I never cared for Japril as a couple. They were close friends and for so long they had an almost sibling like bond to them. Avery was protective of her in this big brother way as though she were his pesky but sweet, annoying, innocent little sister.The moment sex came into the picture I cringed. Stephanie reminds me a bit of Yang just a little softer and meeker at times which reminds me of the initial interest Jackson had in Yang when he got there. It works for me.
Loved Bailey and Ben. Bailey and Webber. He and Grey. Alex and Princess. Yang and Hunt. Everyone was well used. Solid episode and Adeles death was so sad.


Well if jackson(who I'm mad at hahaha)is gonna be sleeping w that intern(Who ps is not prettier then April just saying)(No offense to the actress)I hope April atleast gets a new HOT love intrest so jackson sees what he is missing


I loved the episode. It so tugged at my heart that Weber showed up for Bailey's wedding because I knew that meant Adele had passed. I was so glad she came too and recognized him before passing. He is full of regrets and most that only he and Meredith know of. That is why it was so touching at the end that the two of them stand together mourning. He has been more of a parent to her than her own. It was so sad to see him and Adele dancing together to my Funny Valentine and to see the tears rolling down his face. I am so glad that Arizona and Callie are finally on the same page. I am also glad that Christina and Owen signed the papers. I feel like they will still be together, at least for the while. I just wonder what this lawsuit is going to do to Owen and to Seattle Grace. Great episode. Also I loved seeing Alex laughing again. I just wish it was with Izzie. Still wishing for a happy ending between those two before the series ends.


Incredible incredible episode of television.


Karev and Avery couldn't afford a room at the hotel on their salaries? Seriously cheapskate dates. PD must have been doing other things when this epsiode was amde.
Does anyone else feel like it's getting to the stage again where the writers are having to make sure all the characters have scenes. It then limits the number of scenes lead characters who have a fan base following actually appear in. More MerDer,CAlazona, Bailey,Webbe,Crowen plz.


I loved this episode! Calzona parts were touching even I'm not a fan of them :) I'm glad Callie is going to be there for Arizona.
I'm not sure how to feel about Jackson/Stephanie hook-up. I think they have chemistry but Japril shippers must be pissed.
Adele's dead was touching. I was so hoping that after all they have been through they should have had a chance to be happy together. I didn't that much feel for Webber. He had always treated her like trash and he changed when it was way too late.
Best parts of this episode where Crowen parts! Their fist scene together was really HOT, they have so much chemistry. The divorce was bittersweet but afterwards they were relieved. They start fresh and they will be stronger and more in love than ever! COFOREVER


I just watched the previous episode and this one. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Except Avery and the intern, and Adele's death... Gosh Mer and Webber crying in silence was just too sad...
Karev and the other intern were sooooo funny. Callie as usual got me crackin !
So glad CrOwen got divorced ! Now they can just be together.
Honestly, this episode was AMAZING !!! I hope it follows suit !


April is a whiner and I hope she is written out of the show. I must admit I was disappointed she was rehired.


I don't agree with Avery and Stephanie Avery and April forever


This was a very good episode. I was so happy that Adele recognized her husband before she died. Loretta Divine is a terrific actress (even tho her name sounds like a stripper!) I'm glad, too, that Owen finally had the upper hand in a decision with Christina, who's emasculated him from the start. Maybe she'll appreciate him now. I really want Avery to get back with April. Simone commented that April is pathetic, but i think she's just very nervous and scared--which is why she accidentally sabotages herself.

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