NBC Orders Pilot for Alice in Wonderland Sequel

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NBC is getting into the fairytale business.

The network has ordered a pilot for what it is labeling an Alice in Wonderland sequel, as the unusual drama will follow-up on Lewis Carroll's classic by introducing a new character named Clara.

She will head to Wonderland "determined to revive her dreams and get her life back on track," according to the official synopsis, waging war against the reigning Queen… the woman we all know as Alice.

Alice in Wonderland Photo

The pilot will be penned by Whit Anderson and executive produced by CSI creator Anthony Zuiker.

What do you think? Sound intriguing? Or like a total bust?

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omg, what an ultimate FAIL! Another exec trying to ride the fairy tale wave. Hasn't NBC realized that the reason behind Once upon a Time being succesful is its amazing writers and showrunners, making the concept work? Hiring a talentless hack with no writing credits (if you count out the Buffy fiasco) like Whit Anderson is just embarrassing. Alice in wonderland sequel as a concept in itself has already been done a) as a movie by Tim Burton and b) as a TV movie by SyFi called Alice. And for gods sake, if someone wants to promote this woman so badly, just make her an exec in a reality show and leave the writing to professionals with actual talent. Still laughing over the whole Buffy "reboot" . Jesus.

Sarah silva

It is hard to fathom that there are a lack of original ideas out there!


I'm pretty sure NBC is already doing the fairy-tale thing (i.e. Grimm). At least Grimm is different. This just sounds like a Once Upon A Time-ish show.