Once Upon a Time Clips: A Happy Homecoming

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Raise a glass, ABC viewers: Once Upon a Time Season 2 resumes this Sunday!

And the citizens of Storybrooke have a lot to celebrate on "The Cricket Game," with Emma and Snow finally back in town. Watch the town come together at Granny's and applaud Charming's sweet speech in the following sneak peek:

Meanwhile, back in the fairy tale world, viewers will witness the period after Charming woke up Snow from her apple-induced coma. 

In the following clip, we see the Evil Queen react to Snow's state, as these two clash and try to agree on peaceful terms. Check it out below:

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Spindae 2o

ohhhh! I feel sorry for Regina! I love to Hate her! She is a tremendous villian but so loveable at the same time cause she just a person who so hardly needs love. can't wait to see where they head with her character now. . .

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